Baby Scotch – Four Months

I tried to do a four month photo shoot and he had a total meltdown so this is the best we got!

What He’s Been Up To

Growing – we had our four month vaccines and visit to the doctor yesterday and our little guy is now a whopping 15.5 lbs. That’s double his birthweight now and right on track. He’s out growing some of the smaller 3 – 6 month clothing but still has some things that seem to have fit him for ever.

Eating – I really thought he would space out his eating more but most of the time he is still eating every 2 or 3 hours – even at night. I would love him to have some bigger breaks between meals – especially when we’re sleeping – so that is something to work on.

Sleep – oh, sleep. Still in the pack n’play at night but we’ve transitioned to napping in his crib (he had a successful 40 minute nap there this week) or wherever we are. He’s been having trouble falling back to sleep on his own but we are working on it. Right now he goes to “bed” around 7:30 pm (in his crib if possible) and sleeps (with breaks to get up and eat) until 8 am. Being able to put him down in his crib in the evening has been great!

Patches also loves outside naps because he gets to share the napping blanket

Fun stuff

Right now he loves putting everything in his mouth. If he can figure out how to grab it, it is going in. Everything is covered in drool.

Still loving reading with Dad

His reflection in the mirror cracks him up – he will laugh at himself forever. He is also really loving lying on his changing mat and the giraffe wall sticker in his room always gets huge smiles.

We picked up another exersaucer for him and it has been the best ever. He is desperate to stand (and walk) and this means he can do both without us holding him. The exersaucer has a pivot point so he can walk around in circles and he keeps himself busy for at least an hour every day.

He exersaucers indoors and outdoors

And of course we took him for his first camping trip (huge success!) and he attended his first Stampede Breakfast (no pancakes for him yet).

Too distracted by what the other kids are doing to pay attention

What I’ve Been Up To

Not sleeping – the two hour feeding schedule, plus the dog have been keeping me up at night. Its been just a little bit frustrating but hopefully we can start to space things out (and the dog will give up on his 4 poops in the middle of the night habit).

Fitting into my clothes – with the exception of a few items (which may never fit again) I’m back into all my clothes. I’m just a few pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and slowly feeling like I’m getting back into shape.

Starting to think what this whole thing is going to look like when I go back to work next month – I’m returning to work in September and I’ve been slowly trying to figure out how I’m going to juggle job, baby, family, pets, working out, etc.

What We’re Looking Forward To

More travel – we’ve got two more vacations planned for summer and I’m glad that we’re going to be using up the rest of time off with some travel and some relaxing.


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