Christmas 2016 and Beyond

The run up to Christmas felt super busy this year. School ended the week before Christmas and I basically spent that time baking, doing all my Christmas shopping and cleaning our house. While I was happy to be off work, it definitely didn’t feel like a vacation.

I had thought that Christmas would be fairly quiet this year – for the first time ever we planned to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as just the two of us (plus two dogs and a cat). But, Jon worked until the Friday and then we spent Saturday doing a lot of last minute Christmas things so it wasn’t as quiet as I’d hoped for. We still fit in a few fun Christmasy things like visits with friends, another walk through the lights at Confederation Park and the last of the Christmas baking.



Thankfully Christmas morning was fairly relaxing. We took the dogs for a walk, had a coffee, gave them their “Santa Paws” gifts and then finally got to our own stockings and gifts. As always, I was spoiled by my husband with both an essential oil diffuser and lots of fun items in my stocking. We hosted my dad for Christmas dinner and made way too much food (as always).

Waiting to see what is in their Santa Paws gift bags

We finally got a huge snowfall just before Christmas so on Boxing Day we got out our skis and went to Confederation golf course for our first ski of the season. I’m not fast and there is no way I’m going to be able to skate ski this year but it was a relief to find out that I could still get out on my skis. We just did 4 km and it was enough for legs that hadn’t had a real work out in a while.


Then what I consider the real part of vacation started – we headed to the cabin at Rosen Lake for several days of relaxing. We arrived on the day after Boxing Day (Tuesday) and have just been skiing, reading, eating and relaxing. Dogs are tired, people are tired and it is perfect.

We went for a whole group x-country ski on Wednesday which pretty much tired out everyone but was so pretty with all the snow.

newyearsatthecabin01 newyearsatthecabin02 newyearsatthecabin03 newyearsatthecabin04 newyearsatthecabin05

Jon and I went for another ski yesterday (without the dog, he was so tired from the previous day’s ski and a walk around the lake) and it was lovely with fresh snow and more falling.


Today all we managed was a long dog walk but I think a rest day is probably well deserved. I’m hoping to finish up 2016 with another ski tomorrow before we head back to the city and work on Sunday.

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