The Other Weekend – A Day in Canmore

We are having a spell of very nice weather here in Calgary. I would say its unusual, but I seem to remember riding my bike to the zoo many years ago on Remembrance Day so it isn’t that unusual. With all this nice weather, its been hard to stay inside and work when I want to be outside playing (and I have so much work these days…).

The other weekend it was just so nice that we couldn’t stay home any longer. We haven’t left the city since early September, Jon was off lawn bowling in Vancouver and I just really wanted a day away. Patches and I made plans to meet friends, packed a picnic lunch and headed to Canmore for the day.

Patches and I do lots of solo adventuring in Calgary, but very, very rarely do we head out past city limits without Jon. I grabbed myself a decafe cafe misto, Patches got buckled in and we hit what was a surprisingly quiet highway for 9:30 on a Satuday where the predicted temperature was over 15C!

Once in Canmore we headed out to Quarry Lake dog park so the dogs could have a run. I spent a little time waiting in the lot for my friends to show up but passed the time watching a live stream of Jon playing (which was too stressful without commentary). Then it was time to hit the trails.

There isn’t a huge area to walk but the loop is about 1 km and with senior dogs (and a two year old) it was a good length. The views are beautiful and there was a little pond for the dogs to take a swim in.


After our walk at the park we headed into town to have a picnic lunch by the river. Its sort of crazy to still be out picnicking in November. After the walk my friends packed up and headed home, but Patches and I decided to spend some more time exploring. I had originally planned on heading to Grassi Lakes but given how busy it was, I decided just to stay in town and walk the trails along the river.

Patches and I walked from Riverside Park west and did a nice loop through Larch Island before heading back towards the bridge on the other side of the river. This was a nice mix of paved paths and quiet dirt paths and meant that Patches and I had lots of time to ourselves (even though there were lots of people out and about).


We were both pretty worn out after this so we headed back to Calgary. Patches slept on the way home (and pretty much the next day) and I just enjoyed listening to my music and snacking on some mini-oranges. It wasn’t the most exciting adventure but it was really nice to be out of the city and take advantage of the weather.


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