Our Next Big Adventure

Is one that a year ago I would have said we’d never be on but things change and I think we’re finally as ready as we’re going to so… I’m pregnant! I don’t have a cute photo proclaiming that there will be three of us or picture of my ever expanding belly to go along with the announcement but I’m excited to finally share our news.

I was actually pretty shocked to find out that we were expecting– not because we hadn’t made the decision to try for a baby but because it happened within weeks of us deciding to give it a go. It finally sunk in around week 6 – and definitely feels real now with a few ultrasounds and my 16 week belly.

The first trimester was pretty rough but I think I’ve turned a corner (knock on wood) and am finally getting my energy back. Hopefully this means things will pick up around here! I’m looking forward to sharing my first trimester woes, and the on-going pregnancy.

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