Weekend Going-ons – A New Bathroom Fan

It wasn’t the only thing we did last weekend but it was certainly the most involved – we finally installed a fan into our main bath! It’s been so long since we actually accomplished something on our house that we were maybe too excited for such a boring home repair.

Because we’ve been so slack on our home repairs we had to sit down the other day and make a list of what we needed to get done around the house. The list is enormous – and will take us a lot of time to accomplish. We set about prioritizing and since the bathroom fan required cutting a hole in our roof – and with winter approaching that seemed sort of time sensitive – we started there.

We already had most of the supplies – including the fan – so it was just a matter of figuring out exactly how you install a brand new fan into a room that only has a window and no wiring. Jon got the dirty job of installing the fan and crawled up into the attic on Saturday and I started the fun task of working out the wiring and fetching tools.


Like any old house our wiring is a mess so I ended up calling my Dad over and we spent a few hours figuring out exactly why so many wires were required for one light switch. Good news is that we figured it out, bad news is that it required another trip to home depot and some wiring way into the evening hours (by headlamp) before I had functioning lights in the house again.

Sunday morning we started up again – me back at the wiring and Jon in the attic. It took a few hours but I transformed it from a mass of wires into a light switch, an electrical outlet and a fan switch – all with power!



Poor Jon spent all this time in the attic – running the outlet duct and cutting a hole in the roof for our vent. But luckily we were done the hard part – it was just another hour or so to install the vent cover into our roof and we were done!

All that time and now we have this

In total we spent probably 16 hours on the project – which is so much time for such  little thing but hopefully its going to make a big difference in our bathroom. It is pretty awesome – the fan turns on and off as needed and there is way less moisture. I’m excited to tackle some of our bigger and more exciting projects (but not this weekend, I’m catching up on other things).

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