A Little Bit of Life Lately – June 28, 2016

Ah, the end of the year. Completely chaotic but so anticipated. Despite the fact that I whine almost every day about how busy things are, I feel like I’m doing a better job of holding it together this year. We’re in the final home stretch (5 more hours of work!) and then I have a glorious summer ahead of me. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, and what I’m looking forward to starting this week (!!) on summer vacation


  1. These pants

I decided it was time to buy some items for a summer wardrobe so I went down to MEC and added a few pairs of summer pants and some t-shirts to my collection. I was hesitant to buy these pants but it turns out I am madly in love with them. I bought two pairs (one in a more subdued green) and have basically been wearing them non-stop when I’m not at work. They are great for pretty much everything – dog walks, lawn bowling, heading home from a workout. Everything.


  1. Hanging out with Patches

Our summer is packed (in a good way) with adventures but unfortunately at lot of those just aren’t dog friendly. This means that Patches is going to be spending a lot of time this summer at doggy daycare. While I know he’ll have a blast with all his doggy friend (play time all day), I’m going to miss him. So we’ve been trying to fit in a few more adventures lately – including our Friday walks on Nose Hill again.


  1. Mostly eating my veggies

Usually my eating falls apart in these last weeks of June but I’ve been working hard this year to keep that from happening. There have definitely been lots of social events (and perhaps more pizza than I should be eating) but my breakfasts and lunches have remained pretty on-point. Lots of veggies and I’ve been limiting myself to only the occasional ice cream sandwich.  Veggies in our garden are getting much closer to eating (I think any day now I’ll be picking salad greens) and its farmers’ market season so there should be lots of fresh items on our plates.


  1. Working Out

Not as much as I’d like but I’m still trying! There hasn’t been anything epic on my workout schedule – for the first summer in a long time I decided not to register for any races – but we’ve been a bit steadier with the workouts. This summer we have a membership at the Calgary Winter Club and it is kind of fun to work out in a gym again. They have an amazing facility and while I haven’t been as much as I’d like so far, I plan to spend more time once I’m not working.

I also got out on my bike last weekend for a shortish ride. I’ve been a little shy of serious exercise since I hurt my achilles in Seattle but it seems to have healed up. I tested it out on a 20 mile ride on Saturday morning in the Bears Paw area and not only was my ankle fine but the ride was great. I’d never ridden in the area before but it makes an easy destination from Calgary.


Looking forward to…

  1. Getting out to the mountains

This may require a solo mountain adventure (eek!) but I need to get out. I’ve got some free days once work ends so if the weather is good I plan to pack up and head out to K-country.

  1. Cleaning my house

When I say I’ve been holding things together, this is one of those things that I’ve let slide. While I don’t love the idea of spending my first few days of vacation vacuuming and dusting, I know that I’ll feel so much better once that is done!

  1. Cottage time

Our first vacation of the summer is a week-long trip to Ontario. I haven’t been in years (the last time I was out was 2012) and plan to enjoy some hopefully warm weather at the cottage.

I’m definitely ready for summer break and all the things that are coming up!

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