Weekend Going Ons

I finally felt like I got to do the things I like to do this weekend. The past few weekends have been busy with work for both Jon and I – sitting at my desk all day on my days off doesn’t make me a happy camper. This weekend I haven’t even cracked open my work computer and it feels great!

On Friday Jon made it back from the field so he walked the dog before I even got home. I started in on some house cleaning while he did groceries and we had a clean house and our weekly shopping done before the weekend had even really started. We had a light dinner and then we headed out to a birthday celebration that I wasn’t aware we were going to. I wasn’t the happiest because I’d been looking forward to a evening at home but it ended up being more enjoyable than I’d been expecting. We made it home later than I’d planned (11 pm) but I was still able to get almost 9 hours of sleep.

Saturday morning we hosted brunch and I made donuts. I haven’t made donuts in years (apparently November, 2011 was the last time I made some so it must be a seasonal thing) but they were pretty tasty. I made both yeast and cake donuts but I didn’t love the yeast dough recipe I used so consumed more cake donuts that I normally would.

I got technical and used my candy thermometer to keep the oil at 365F – it is even marked “donuts” on the thermometer
We made honey glazed because with 125 L of honey in our basement we really don’t have much choice

After brunch Jon took a nap and I headed down to the basement to finally finish cleaning my sewing room and work on a project. I even vacuumed my sewing room (this is the second time since we moved in that I’ve done that) and it feels great in there now. I’ve rearranged all the storage so there is way less clutter on my work table and I can actually find stuff.


Later in the afternoon we headed out to work on the garage for a few hours. We’re still working on the vapour barrier and managed to get up the last of the plastic. We went for a family run and then I did a few more miles while Jon took our leaves to the leaf drop off.

Saturday night we had steak and greek salad and then watched The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. We’d both read the book a few years ago and had been waiting for an evening when we didn’t need a zone out flick to watch the movie. It is a combination of subtitles and heavily accented english but was easy enough to follow. They have made a few changes but we still found it pretty enjoyable.

Sunday morning was our usual coached swim and then we headed to Nose Hill to enjoy the fact that it was warm and sunny. I love being outside and Nose Hill is a convenient spot to wander since it is huge. We did 4 miles in about 1.5 hours.

After our dog walk I did some quick meal prep – spiced oxtails in the crockpot for lunch and marinated flank steak for dinner this week. I would never buy oxtails but since they sometimes come with our bulk beef purchase I am learning to how to cook with them.

My seasoning of the cast iron pan worked! It browned these beautifully and held its finish

We finished off the last few outdoor chores after that – wrapping the bees and harvesting the last of the kale. We’re not supposed to get any significant amounts of snow in the next while but it is supposed to get cold so having the bees ready for winter was a must and I didn’t want the kale to go to waste.

Moose Factory looks lonely all by itself. Hopefully the ladies make it to spring and we can start yet another hive.
So much kale – and so many little green caterpillars to find

We spent the rest of Sunday working on the garage. We moved a bunch of stuff into the other garage which we should have done before we started because it is so much easier to work without stuff piled everywhere. Then we worked on taping and sealing all our vapour barrier seams. We’ve got all the strange cuts, the outlets and the sockets taped up and we tacked up the seams so we’re almost done! Our plan is to tape the seams tonight and then start drywalling as soon as we can get it delivered.


Overall it was a very productive weekend! I felt like we got a mix of house work and fun time – plus I got to spend lots of time with my favourite people (Jon and Patches). I don’t feel completely exhausted going into the week and am actually looking forward to my Monday!

The orange treat ball is Patches’ favourite toy and the only reason he will spend time in the garage is if it comes too

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