This Week in Workouts – Sept 28 to Oct 4, 2015

I finally feel like I’m in a place where my workouts are consistent again. I don’t have anything on the training calendar right now so I’m just doing what I want with swimming, biking, hiking and running. I had two DNS this summer (Spartan Race and a duathlon) so I’m hesitant to sign up for anything but I would like to get a more structured plan in place to keep me going through the winter,

Here’s how this past week shaped up,

Monday – 3 mile run

I went for a run and then met Patches and Jon at the park to walk home (and cool down). 3 miles is my longest run in a while and I felt good – no foot pain, no knee pain and nothing wrong the next day.

Tuesday – 1500 m swim

We hit the pool for an evening swim. I’m loving my new Garmin – no need to count laps. I’ve been following a training plan out of my swim training book and tonight was an “endurance – form” workout so longer swim intervals mixed in with stroke drills.

Wednesday – 15 km bike ride

It was so beautiful outside that I skipped my trainer workout in favour of an outside ride. Jon showed up just in time to join me and we did an easy loop around Nose Hill and soaked up the sunshine. It was nice to spend some time together and I feel our time outside our bikes is limited.

Thursday – rest

I coached cross-country running and then spent my evening just puttering around the house. Patches and I went for our walk but other than that it was pretty quiet.

Friday – 2 mile run

I had to supervise my students at a cross-country running meet so I ran over to the location and then ran home. It was a short run but for some reason I felt super stiff after.

Waiting for my runners

Saturday – rest

We had other adventures planned and it turned into a rest day (just a dog walk).

Sunday – 8 km hike

We attempted to hike Forget-Me-Not Ridge but it was pretty snowy and fogged in. We made it up to the ridge (we think) but didn’t end up going any further. It is always nice to be outside so it was worth it just to spend a few hours outside.

Snowy vistas on our hike

While certainly not near my “normal” training levels it felt more active than things have been lately. I’m looking forward to increasing my run distances (and getting my weight training back on track) before winter makes a serious appearance!

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