October Stay-cation Recap

I think the problem with a week at home is that is passes by so quickly! I feel like it was just last weekend but here we are, just a sleep away from being back at work.

It ended up being a pretty busy week but exactly the time I needed to get some stuff done and feel a little more settled with things. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights!

Monday (October 12)

We both had the day off so we slept in and then spent some time getting ready for another Thanksgiving dinner. This one was earlier (it started at 2 pm) so we just had time for some puttering around the house and a dog walk before we headed out. Our host made the most delicious stuffing I’d ever had, and we returned home later that afternoon with very full stomachs. We spent the rest of the night recovering.

Tuesday (October 13)

Jon went to work and I spent some time working around the house. I was up early so I did some school work before taking both cats to the vet. It saved time but I’ve got several scratches to remind myself that two cats = two separate carriers.

Donnelly loves watching TV with me while I work
Oreo takes a more hands off approach to helping me mark

In the afternoon I lifted weights and rode my trainer for a hour, plus took Patches out for a nice walk.

I’d put “date night” on my vacation bucket list so we went for a weeknight date. We had dinner and then went to Wordfest Tuesday Night Showcase where we heard Don Gillmor, John Vaillant and Nino Ricci speak. I love weeknight dates and we never do enough of them.

Wednesday (October 14)

I tackled the bottle depot and Home Depot in the morning. Then I organized my spice cupboard which ended up being a whole pantry overhaul. I bought these drawer inserts that hold spice bottles and they are a game changer.


Feeling in an organizing mood I also started tidying up my sewing room. It was a beautiful day so I only spent an hour inside before I switched to tidying my yard instead. I got the gardens weeded and the front lawn raked before deciding I had just enough time for a bike ride before our dinner engagement.

It was beautiful, if a little windy, so I rode outside. I did a 20 km out and back over Nose Hill and arrived home just in time to feed the dog and make some dinner for a potluck.


Thursday (October 15)

I did some school work and then took Patches and Brinkley for a walk at River Park. They aren’t the fastest of walkers these days, but it was a beautiful day to be out wandering.

At home I worked in the yard for a while by cleaning up my gardens and taking down the irrigation system for the winter. I also worked again in my sewing room and while it isn’t 100% I’m so much closer.

Once Jon got home we headed out to the garage to organize and prepare for our major home project for the fall – finishing off our “new” garage. Our house has two garages – one being a new build that Jon also uses as a work shop. The previous owner didn’t finish the garage, so that has been one of our projects as home owners. Jon put up the insulation a while ago, and we’ve finally decided to buckle down and get the thing drywalled.

Friday (October 16)

Jon took the day off so we had a sleep in and then ran some errands. We picked up supplies for step 2 in garage finishing (vapour barrier installation) as well as our annual order of beef. We purchased a 1/2 cow this time and it is a lot of meat. Thank goodness our house has a giant chest freezer.

We spent the afternoon walking the dogs again and finishing prepping the yard for winter. All the leaves are raked, yard stuff is put away and Jon mowed the lawn for the last time until spring. We also finally cleaned our eves (which has been on my to-do list for ever!).

I made us mango margaritas to celebrate and then we biked down to Kensington for a little wine and cheese.

Saturday (October 17)

We were up fairly early as we wanted to get a few things done before starting on the garage. I went for my first run in over a week (3 miles, heel felt fine) and then did a quick house tidy. By 10 am we were out in the garage for our first attempt at installing vapour barrier. Jon and I got one wall done before my Dad came over to help and we worked on the ceiling for the rest of the day. We called it quits around 4:30 pm – and while we still have a full day’s worth of work to get the plastic up, it felt good to get so much done.

Saturday night was movie night. We watched the new Mad Max Fury Road which I enjoyed even thought I thought the plot was a little thin. Lots of action for sure.

Sunday (October 18)

Final day of vacation. We had our usual swim in the morning and then I settled into my normal Sunday routine to get ready for work. I did some prep for school while Jon worked in the garage and then we did a quick house tidy.

I made pulled beef in the crockpot and we entertained some friends for an early dinner.


So, a fairly successful vacation week at home. I didn’t feel bored (like I did at spring break) and I also didn’t feel like I spent the whole time just running errands. I checked everything (and more) off my bucket list and while I wish vacation was at least another week long, I think I’m feeling a little more prepared.

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