September Lately, 2015

I love summer (and this summer we had so many awesome adventures, which I’m still re-caping) but I’m also glad that it is fall. Summer can be so busy for us, so I love that the shorter fall days mean that things quiet down. Our September has still been pretty busy, but I finally feel like I’m getting back to my routine (not in a boring way, but in that enjoyable way).

We started our September with a lawn bowling tournament – which turned out to be one of our most miserable outdoor days all season. We also finished the month with another tournament – this one a little less formal – where we had much better weather. I’ve always said that Jon saw me at my worst when we were tree planting but I think he might have changed his mind after seeing me in this costume.


September has also seen a return to a fitness routine. I was feeling pretty strong after all the hiking M and I did in Colorado, but the day after I got back I fell playing frisbee and sprained my knee. I was pretty bummed for two weeks but I was lucky that it turned out to be just a very minor sprain. Still, it has taken me a long time to get back to exercising. Jon bought me a beautiful new GPS watch for our 10 year anniversary and that has been motivation to get back into the pool and on the bike.


Running is coming along but slower than I would like. I ran my first 3 mile run in a while tonight and it certainly wasn’t fast but it was pain free which is a win in my books.

We also finished off the last of the honey processing for the year. We had our biggest year yet (124L) but I’m glad to have it out of the way. Honey processing is messy – I had to spend part of Sunday scraping stuff off our floors with a putty knife – but the end result is delicious.


And speaking of delicious – I decided that the weather was warm enough for one last smoked meat product. We’ve had a brisket in our freezer since we picked up our 1/4 cow last fall and I wanted to get it out of there before our new meat arrives (soon!). Briskets take a while, this one required a 6 am smoker start, but was so worth it. The brisket was the most delicious thing I’ve made in the smoker yet – I feel like I got the right amount of smoke and the meat was so tender after 12 hours of low heat. Both Jon and Patches heartily approved.


So that was September in a nutshell. October is going to bring fall break (yay) and some time to work around the house. I’m looking forward to these, and whatever else we manage to fit into the month!

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