Scotland: Scenic Detour – Glenelg

I’m still sharing adventures from our travels in Scotland in July. I posted earlier how we travelled to the Isle of Skye (where I spent lots of time being cranky in the rain). We had a whole day to make the drive so we were able to detour through the beautiful area of Glenelg.

It was, as normal, raining on our drive which masked some of the mountains but also gave the countryside a very lonely feel. If we had known how busy Skye was, I think we would have savoured the fact that we were mostly alone for the whole time.

The drive isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a windy, single track that climbs mountains and drops down curves before dead ending at the ferry dock.


If you turn off just before the ferry docks, you can visit the tiny town of Glenelg. We stopped to take in views of the boats and look across at Skye.


Then we followed the road signed for Arnisdale where we spent some time exploring two Iron Age brochs. This was our first visit to a broch (in fact, we didn’t even know what they were until we spotted them) and we spent some time walking around the sites. The further broch has enough of the structure left that you can walk the staircase in between the walls. Like many of the sites in rural Scotland, we had them to ourselves.


The glen was beautiful in the rain. The greens in Scotland are just something that can’t be seen elsewhere.


Glenelg doesn’t need to be a detour, there is a ferry that runs from the small town to the Isle of Skye, but we opted to travel back along the road we’d driven in on and take the bridge across the island. We stopped for lunch at what I assume is a beautiful viewpoint along the road out to the main highway but with the rain (and bugs) we munched on our sandwiches in the car.


It didn’t take long from there to descend the twisty road (with only a few encounters with large transport trucks to keep us alert) and then it was on to Skye. If you’ve got time, and want a break from the busier tourist stops, then Glenelg deserves a visit!

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