Summer Vacation!!

Tuesday afternoon was the official start of my summer vacation and man, do I need the break. I am looking forward to getting caught up on stuff around the house, hanging out with my pets and wrapping up the last minute details before our big trip starts next weekend. While not as bad as past years, I am definitely guilty of putting a lot of stuff off until “school is over” and I need to get that stuff done (like wash my floors, they are beyond gross) before we leave for summer vacation.

I started my “to-do” list with a hair cut. My stylist had moved salons and it took me a bit of time to track her down but it was well worth it. She is amazing with curly hair (something I am still trying to master) and was able to shape my hair into something totally functional. I also love the fact that I have a stylist again – I haven’t had a consistent stylist since I moved away to go to university and it it fantastic to walk in and have someone already know what you like, and how to work with your hair.

The plan for the rest of the week is less exciting – house cleaning and prep. I tackled my basement yesterday morning (it was mostly dust and cobwebs, along with the usual pet hair tumble weeds) and cleaned out my linen closet to make sure I had enough sheets and towels for the house guests we have while we’re away.

Last night we processed a ton of honey. We’d checked the hives earlier in the week and had pulled about 3 boxes of frames off which needed to be processed before vacation (sound familiar?). The advantage to the warm weather is that the honey flows really well so things are a lot quicker but we were forced to stop before we could finish because we ran out of pails to put the honey in. Jon has been jarring up the honey after each processing so I don’t have an exact amount but with what we pulled off yesterday we’re probably at about 40L already this year!

I can’t believe that our homemade extractor is still working into season four with only minor repairs required. Best $40 construction project.

Today we’re picking up some new to us furniture and then I’m going for a bike ride with Dad. In between, I need to pick up pet food and medication, as well as deal with the Rover (check engine light woes). Shaping up to be another busy day!

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