Scotland – Days 9 to 11 – Life By the Seaside in Scotland

We’re back from our Scottish vacation but I still have so many adventures to share. I’ve already posted about our time near Loch Lomond, in Fort William, and then on the Isle of Skye. Our next destination on our road trip was the Inverness area for a look at a different part of the highlands.

I am so thankful that we included Nairn in our Scotland travel plans. Did you know it is the driest and sunniest place in Scotland? I didn’t either, but, man, I needed some sunshine in my life by this point in our trip. Scotland definitely taught me that I do not love travelling in rainy climates. I had a melt-down the day we drove off Skye – it seemed like it had been raining forever, and we took what was supposed to be a scenic route along the west coast before heading across to Inverness but with the low clouds I couldn’t see anything and I was just done with it all.


I wish I’d known that this lovely sandy beach was along the route and I would have planned more time to stop

Then we got to Nairn and it wasn’t raining. My relatives welcomed us into their beautiful home with open arms and warm cups of tea. And things got a whole lot better.

Nairn is a coastal town outside of Inverness. It has pretty houses and a beautiful beach. It is also pretty close to lots of attractions without having to stay in a bigger centre, like Inverness.

Our first evening in Nairn we simple hung out. We were served a delicious home cooked dinner, and we got acquainted with our hosts over tea in the sun room while I snuggled with the dogs. They have a beautiful house with lovely gardens, dogs who couldn’t get enough snuggles and 8 hilarious resident hens.

The next morning, fuelled by a delicious Scottish breakfast, we went for a short driving tour of some of the nearby coastal towns. I think it was nice for Jon not to have to drive for a change and actually get to stare out the windows.


We spent our afternoon exploring the nearby Cawdor Castle. We toured the interior of the castle (which is still lived in) and then spent some time in the beautiful gardens.



Then, since the sun had come out, we went to the beach. Not to sunbath, but to walk along what is apparently 16 kms of sand. We definitely didn’t go that far, but it didn’t take long to leave behind the few other people using the beach and have the place to ourselves. I walked barefoot and dipped my toes in the water.





The next day we explored further afield – spending the day driving around Loch Ness (which I think deserves it’s own post). No monsters were spotted, but I did get to see the famous loch (even if it was raining again).

We had one more evening with our lovely hosts and then we headed out the following day. While it was just a short stay, Nairn was the perfect “refresh” stop on our trip. Travelling in Scotland is easy, but sometimes it is nice not to have to do all the parts of traveling and feel like you’re “at home” for a little while. We left Nairn feeling refreshed and ready for the next part of our trip.

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