Scotland: Planning Update – Rough Itinerary

In just under two weeks we’re going to be on a plane headed to Scotland! I find it always hard to believe it when a trip I’ve been planning for months is now only a few weeks away. I haven’t been to excited about the trip, mostly because I’ve been too busy to think about it, but with it getting closer I’ve found I’m getting more interested.

I’ve taken my Scotland trip planning inspiration from our vacation to Newfoundland a few years ago – book accommodation and transportation, but leave the activities as just suggestions. We’re again travelling in high season, and while we had a lot of time (almost three weeks) I still didn’t want to waste any of it so I have pre-booked all our accommodations in advance. While this limits us in some ways (we’ve got to stay in the towns I’ve picked out), it also gives us lots of freedom (no need to spend time driving around a town checking out accommodations). And while it seems like we’re going to a ton of places, I’ve tried to make sure that we spend at least a few full days in each location – I don’t want to spend my whole trip driving around.

Our rough itinerary is going to look something like this:

Day 1 – leave Calgary, fly to Toronto and then onward to Glasgow
Day 2 – arrive in Glasgow, pick up rental car. Head off north of Glasgow, ending up in the small town of Helensburgh
Day 3 and 4 – hike the Three Lochs Way
Day 5 – Drive towards Fort William
Day 6 – Do stuff in the Fort William area (Ben Nevis?)
Day 7 – Drive to the Isle of Skye
Day 8 and 9 – On the Isle of Skye
Day 10 – Drive to Inverness area
Day 11 and 12 – Day trips in the Inverness area
Day 13 and 14 – Whiskey tasting and Cairngorms National Park
Day 15 – Drive to Edinburgh
Day 16 and 17 – Sights in Edinburgh
Day 18 – Travel to Glasgow, spend the day
Day 19 – Fly back to Calgary

As for my Scotland Bucket List, it is still fairly broad at this point (hike the Three Loch Way, hike Ben Nevis, hike on the Isle of Skye, see Loch Ness, taste some Scottish whiskey, visit a castle) but I’m sure we’ll have lots of time to fit things in. Once I get the last of my school obligations out of the way (report cards, I’m thinking of you) then I plan to dedicate some time to picking out some Scottish adventures. We’re staying in B&Bs, and with family too, so I think we’ll have lots of resources to fill in the activity portion of our stay.

Tell me – when you travel are you the type of person who has everything planned out?

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