Life Lately – June 14, 2015

Life has been crazy busy – it usually is but lately it has felt extra so. Some of it is my own doing like planning things I want to do, some of it has been obligations that normally would be fun but are only so-so because I have so many of them and some of it has been stuff I really didn’t want to do. Here’s a quick run down on a few of the things from the last little while.


I just got back from a week in Berkeley, CA. I was supervising a school field trip so it was a busy, busy time. I think the students had a fantastic time but I was certainly glad to be home on Friday night.

Looking across the water to San Francisco.
Looking across the water to San Francisco.
Rain in CA
I do love the flowers in warmer places. We had a day of rain which made everything so colourful.

Then yesterday I headed out to Banff for a friend’s stagette. I’ve never actually gone out in Banff before and it was fun to go out with the girls for some drinks and dancing.


It’s honey flow! We brought in our first full super last weekend, and another one today. That means it is also honey processing time so my kitchen has a thin layer of honey over everything. Doing a full hive inspection on both hives takes the better part of an afternoon and then a few hours to process a super, so today was pretty much all about the bees.

honey super
The first honey super of 2015
spoonful of honey
Sometimes I do eat the comb by the spoonful


It’s report card time, I’m still teaching and I was in full planning mode for school events. There were lots of trips to Costco and the dollar store there for a while. Happy to say the event went off without any major hitches! Now I just need to finish off the next two weeks of classes before summer break.

party planning
The cake carrying capacity of my Subaru is 6 Costco cakes – less when you have a trunk full of lawn bowls

Lawn Bowling

All the time these days. I’m taking my umpire course so am busy attending training and writing exams, plus we’re playing sometime up to 3 times a week. It has been a good way to get out and enjoy the warm weather we’ve been having without having to go too far.

Good delivery

General Life

Our current house is way less maintenance than our old place, but it is still keeping us hoping with general upkeep. Tonight our kitchen light decided it was no longer going to work so sometime in the next two weeks we need to go pick out and install a new fixture. Luckily it is summer and stays light late, but still something else to fix.

Patches has been on a 6 am wake up schedule – which would be awesome except I’m on a going to bed late schedule. We’re all a little tired.

And then the cats are still up to their usual tricks – and some new ones.

cat in dishwasher
This is a new one

I am going to make a conscious effort over the next few weeks to slow things down. I want to make sure I’m exercising more, so that’s going to mean saying no to a few things. I also want more time at home before we jet off on our big summer trip – get the gardens ready, hang out with the pets and attempt to relax. We’ll see how it goes!

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