Garden Update – June 28, 2015

We’ve been having some hot weather lately which has been awesome, but also means we’ve had to employ all our tricks to keep the house cool enough for the pets (and us) to sleep at night. We’ve been strategically opening and closing blinds and windows and have had the fans running in the house non-stop. I cleaned out the freezer and found a few frozen water bottle which I put out for the pets to snuggle up with.

The cats have just been lying around looking warm.

What the heat has been really good for is my garden. It’s hard to believe that almost a month has past since we planted the garden but all my little seedlings have grown so much.

garden bed compare
It’s amazing what a month can do

I ended up planting two kinds of kale, acorn squash, Green Amish Deer Tongue lettuce, Red Amish Deer Tongue lettuce, rainbow chard and three kinds of beans. Unfortunately, the red lettuce didn’t sprout at all so I had to reseed with green and the garden looks a little patchy. Everything else is looking great!

The kale seedlings I bought should be almost ready for eating.
The green leaf lettuce is doing great – hopefully the new batch sprouts soon
The acorn squash look like they might bloom soon
The chard and the beans are coming along

I also planted some kale which is just getting it’s third set of leaves but I imagine will start to grow like crazy now.

I spent a little time today fixing our irrigation system. We’ve had it for many years now (since 2012) and it needed a few upgrade after the move. I’m still using the same tubing and water heads, but I had to reorganize them to match the new beds. It still isn’t perfect but I think my plants will get enough water now. We also upgrade our water timer and faucet attachment. This new system still hooks onto our original irrigation tubing but also allows us to quickly switch from the sprinkler hose out front to the spray house out back.

Well worth the time and money!

I think that this means our gardens are ready for us to be away for a few weeks. We’ve set it up so the beds and the lawn are on the timer. I ran another hose to bees’ water dish so that it will fill when the gardens are being watered, and our plants in pots have been strategically placed to take advantage of either the watering system on the garden boxes or the front lawn sprinkler. I’m hopeful that when we return in the middle of July we’ll have lots of fresh veggies to sample!

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