A Weekend Spent Outside

This post could also be title – how to never dress for the weather. We spent lots of time outside this weekend but I was too optimistic about the weather every time I chose gear for our adventure. I spent most of our outside time freezing!

I had to work late on Thursday so I was definitely ready for the weekend to start on Friday afternoon. I met Jon in Kensington to pick up his new road bike and then we took Patches for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. It was super windy but we headed to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls with my dad. Luckily the range has fairly sheltered spots but I still found it chilly by the time we were done. I’m an absolute beginner to golf so my goal is to actually play a round this summer.

On Saturday it was cold and windy but we had a mountain date with some friends so off we went to Kananaskis. I clearly hadn’t thought enough about the weather forecast because I only wore a mid-layer and my down jacket and was again, FREEZING, for most of our time out there. But even with the snow and wind, a day in the mountains is something to be thankful for. We hiked the very short trail from the Barrier Lake Day use area (about 1.5 km round trip) and then spent a few hours playing along Wasootch Creek.

View from the Barrier Lake Interpretive Trail
wasootch view
The sun finally came out as we left Wasootch

Sunday was also an outside day. Usually we leave ourselves one day on the weekend for household chores but the lure of a new bike was too great and instead we spent a chunk of our day riding. I really wanted to get a couple of 40+km rides on my bike before my race (in two weeks, eeek!) so I insisted that we ride at least that far. We ended up taking the bike path north along Deer Foot to West Nose Creek Park, riding through the park and then up Harvest Hills Boulevard to just past Hwy 566.

todays ride
Today’s ride – 46 km

It wasn’t the most scenic ride, and I think we surprised the locals by riding our bikes on the road but it was good to be out. It was chilly when we got our bikes ready but we both thought it would warm up so dressed a little too lightly. I hate hills but I actually appreciated that the effort of climbing them kept me warm. It was also a good chance to ride on swim tired legs after our usual morning workout.

riding our bikes
We’re happy because we’re half-way done (but haven’t realized we have a nasty headwind on the way home)

After all our adventures we’re both exhausted and whining about our aching muscles. Right now it is my back and arms that hurt the most (from golf) but I’m sure my legs are going to be feeling our 46 km tomorrow morning! Still, I got the type of weekend I love so I can’t complain too much.

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