A Week in Workouts – May 4 to 10, 2015

I’m missed a few weeks of working out – life has been busy and I’ve been struggling to make the time to workout consistently. My first (and so far only) triathlon of the year is NEXT WEEKEND and I’m freaking out a little bit about my training, or lack of.

Monday – Track Repeats (3 x 1600 m, 5 miles total)

This felt slow, but I managed to hit the required pace. It was hot out and I always forget to put my running hat on. This time I actually turned around after my first 1600 m to go get my hat because I was sweating buckets.

I went immediately from this run to a nice dog walk on Nosehill to cool down and stretch out my legs.

Tuesday – weights

I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t also do a ride or a run on this day as well. Instead, I lifted some heavy weights and then pulled dandelions from the lawn before we took Patches for a walk.

Wednesday – 1850 m swim

I coached at a track meet all day and was so tired. It was really cold – a big change after two days of warm weather – which made it pretty unpleasant to be outside. With the crummy weather I was happy we’d picked this as our swim day. I bought a new swim workout book and decided to try a workout from there. Since my pool is only 18.5 m, my workout was a little shorter than the plan but I felt awesome in the water. I need to remember that even though the first few 100 meters might feel terrible, I will get into my swim groove.

swim workout
Yet another thing to carry in my swim bag – but already proving to be a good addition

Thursday – Rest

I had to stay late at school so no workout for me.

Friday – Active Rest

Patches and I went for our usual walk and then I rode downtown (and back) to meet friends for dinner.

Saturday – 7.25 mile run

I don’t usually do a run on Saturday but we’d decided to spend our day at home and I had to go to my Dad’s anyways. It felt good to run and was a beautiful day so I got to be out in shorts and a t-shirt.

Sunday – 1 hr swim, 11 km hike

We were out late on Saturday night but Patches woke us up at 6:30 am anyways. I have been so tired lately and I was cursing that missed sleeping time all day. My swim wasn’t awesome – I had to get out about 5 minutes early after my leg cramped during a drill – but I always appreciate time in the water.

We rushed home from our swim to head out and hike for the rest of the day. We hiked Wasootch Ridge (this was our third time) which is only about 11 km but had enough elevation to thoroughly tire me out. I was more than happy to return after our adventures and veg on the couch.

taking a break on Wasootch
Taking a break after making it to the trail’s end cairin.

Ironman April

Well, I didn’t quite meet my goals for Ironman April. I came up short in both my run (I did 21.5 miles) and my bike (I only managed 72 miles). That week off at the beginning and my trip to Bamfield really cut into my workouts in April but May is off to a good start.


Run: 12.5 miles
Bike: 0 miles (uh oh)
Swim: 1.75 hours

I didn’t work out that many hours this week but I feel like I really went hard when I did work out. The plan for this week is to SLEEP, lots, and do a few workouts. I also need to get my gear and nutrition in order, and figure out some sort of plan for racing when my husband isn’t there to support me.

Do you usually race with someone there to support you? Fellow triathletes – what do you do with all your stuff if you’re racing solo? 

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