A Quick Look in the Hives – May 24, 2015

On Friday I came home after work to find the bees doing this:



This isn’t the first time the bees have done strange things outside their hive but it still always makes me a little nervous. I sent Jon a text and the photo (he was in Florida) and then decided to just let the bees do their thing.

Bees on bees

The good news is that they all seemed to go back into the hive as the night cooled off. I know they went back into their hive instead of taking off because when we opened them up on Sunday it was just crammed full of bees.

Last weekend was so crummy and then Jon left for a week in Miami so it’s been a couple weeks since we last checked on the ladies. Both of our hives are really strong right now – they’ve almost filled their first honey supers – so it was good that we checked in on them.

A frame of bees – Chapleau has really stepped up the game and is now probably the strong of the two hives
We didn’t spot the queen in Chapleau this week (we saw her during our last hive inspection two weeks ago) but a much tighter brood pattern suggests she is doing OK.
We did find the queen of Moose Factory – quite by accident – while we were inspecting in the lower box.

We didn’t spend a ton of time in the hives – just long enough to confirm we had laying queens and that the bees looked healthy. We ended up adding two more supers to each hive – its supposed to be warm for a while and I expect that there will continue to be more bees. This should give them lots of room to expand and hopefully give us a good start to the honey flow.

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