My Week in Workouts – April 6 to 12, 2015

I took my commitment to getting back on track much more seriously this week and finally completed most of my workouts! What I didn’t do was document any of it photographically.

Monday – 1.5 hour trainer ride

The weather wasn’t awesome so I switched around my workouts and got on my trainer. While I’ve got my other bike out, my road bike is still sitting on the trainer waiting for spring to really arrive. I combined two workouts and did lots of sprint intervals. This is the longest trainer ride I’ve done in a while and my legs were definitely feeling it afterwards.

Tuesday – “Track” Repeats (5 miles)

This run felt so slow, and I struggled to hit my targets but I got it done. I had over dressed and it was windy which never helps. But I do have a new book tape – Thunderstruck by Erik Larson – which means I want to be out there running so I can listen to my story. 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m speed intervals with 400 m rest intervals for a total of 5 miles.

Wednesday – Dog walk on Nose Hill, 0.5 hour swim 

It was so nice after work that Patches and I went out to Nose Hill for a big walk. We hiked about 2.5 miles and I spotted some crocuses. Patches really enjoyed getting to swim in the seasonal pond on the top.

That is one happy dog!


After the walk we were both exhausted and I flip-flopped about actually going to the pool. Luckily Jon agreed to meet me there and we squeezed in a 30 minute workout. I did some kick, pull and full stroke IM before hitting up the sauna for some stretching.

Thursday – 5 mile run, dog walk on Nose Hill

It was another beautiful night so I went for a run of 5 steady miles and then Patches and I went to Nose Hill again. We hiked the same loop (2.5 miles) and were both pretty tired at the end. I did a little foam rolling so my legs felt pretty good.

Friday – Active Rest

I love that I’m able to ride my bike everywhere again. We went out with some friends for the evening so I rode down to Kensington to meet them, and then we road home after a night of cheap eats and drinks and some dancing at the Kensington Legion. It was only about 10 km of biking but the hill home always tests my legs.

Saturday – Active Rest

I really struggle with doing my long run on Saturdays when Jon is home. I’d much rather do things with him, so instead of running we took Patches for a walk and a swim in the river and then we did some house chores. Not even close to an 8 mile run but some good family time.

Sunday – 1 hour swim, 0.5 hour bike (brick)

My brick a couple of weeks ago worked out so well I decided to try it again. Of course, I had to swim in the fast lane again and I thought my arms were going to fall off my the time I got out – just the butt kicking I needed. It was so windy on the bike that I just rode straight home – only about 5 miles. It was a good workout for my legs but reminded me how much I hate riding in the wind.

Run: 10 miles
Bike: 2 hours
Swim: 1.5 hours

About 5. 5 hours of working out which is exactly what this training week called for! I’m going to have to put in some more time on the bike to meet my goals for the month but hopefully I’ll get outside riding soon.

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