Spring Break Stay-cation

I’m not very good at stay-cationing. I always think it will be such a great idea to spend some time at home, and then when it happens I get bored, quick. Ugh. But anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to.

I went on a serious house re-organising spree. I’m not quite done but I got rid of a bunch of stuff and the house feels so much better. It is still really boring but at least it is a tidy, clutter free boring.

Cleaner – and ready for the next stage

Up next – the basement and then the garage.

I crocheted a hat – because why not? I was super bored last night – Jon was at work and I was just in too much of a funk to go out on my own – so I figured I could do some crafting. I roughly followed this pattern (I used a starting round of only 10 hdc to make it the right size) and used some leftover wool from my leg warmer project. I wore my creation on our dog walk today and it was a perfect hat for a spring day.

It matches one of my new down jackets too

Today I started another project – my new garden beds. We don’t have any flower or garden beds but I would like to be able to grow vegetables. I did a little internet research and then made myself a plan. So far all I’ve done is buy my materials and put together one side panel but I’ll post more about it when I’m done.

One front panel of my new garden boxes is complete


I’ve also used my time to run some errands – I renewed my passport and registered the truck – and buy myself a few treats. I love, love, love outdoor gear and have a wish list that is always growing. We got out tax refund (yay!) so I bought myself a few items off it including a new day pack. I have to wait for it to arrive but I can’t wait to try it out on some hikes soon.

My plan for the rest of the week is take advantage of the spring weather and get outside more. Jon’s work schedule should hopefully slow down (just a little) and maybe we’ll get out on some adventures – outdoor biking, walking and maybe even a trip to the mountains.

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