My Week in Workouts – March 23 to 29, 2015

This week I had so much time on my hands, which made me cranky (I know…) and then I didn’t want to work out. Funny how that happens. So, despite having the week off from work, I didn’t do any better with my workouts.

Monday – Weights

I cleaned the house in the morning and then got distracted by organizing so all I felt like doing was a quick weight workout.

Tuesday – 4 x 1000 m repeats (for a total of 4.5 miles) + easy bike ride

I wanted to run some errands downtown so I drove closer and then used my bike to zip around. It was easy cycling and probably was only about 5 miles by the time I was done all of it.

Then I picked up the dogs and we went for a long walk. I am not great at walking two dogs at the same time, so there was a lot of twisting and turning to not get caught in their leashes.

Walking the dogs – we must have looked pretty silly

After that I went for a run along the river (because I was down there anyways). I had set my Garmin with my workout, but put in the wrong paces for my intervals so my watch beeped at me the whole time. Annoying but I still was able to hit my desired paces.

Wednesday – Weights + 1 hour trainer ride

My new cadence/speed sensor has been acting up so this ride actually took a long time while I fiddled with it. I still can’t get it to work which is frustrating and confusing since it was working so well just last month.

I ended up doing a “hill” ride where I propped my front tire way up and ground along in the hard gear. I hate hills, even fake hills.

Thursday – 45 minute swim

The pool was much better than it was last week – everyone was swimming in nice organized lanes and I had no trouble fitting in. I swam a similar workout to last week – 2 x 50 m sets of kick (fly, free, back, breast), 4 x 50 m sets of pull (free, back, breast) and 6 x 50 m sets of full (free, back, breast) for a total of 1400 m (my pool is an 18.5 m pool so each “50 m”/2 lengths is really only 37 m)

Friday – 5 km dog walk on Nose Hill

It was beautiful out so I went for a walk with my family and the dog. We did our usual loop and poor Patches got so hot. I’ve booked him for his summer haircut so he should find it gets better soon.

Saturday – Rest

I had hoped to go out to the mountains but the forecast wasn’t looking good so we decided on a dog walk at Nose Hill. When we woke up Saturday morning it was raining so we skipped even that and just enjoyed a long brunch with friends. It cleared up in the afternoon but I was too tired to go out for more than a few minutes.

Sunday – 1 hour swim

I must have been really tired because I struggled with this swim – to the point where I stood up on deck to dive and almost fell over. But, coached swims are always valuable so I hate to miss them.


Run: 4.5 miles
Bike: 1 hour
Swim: 1.75 hours

About 4.5 hours of working out this week (not including my dog walks) which isn’t awesome but still OK. This coming week we’re actually on vacation (yay!) so I think that it will be a pretty quite week for swim-bike-run but hopefully will have a lot more hiking and outdoor time.


  1. Can I ask where you are swimming at? I’ve been looking at trying to find a group or some lessons to join but I haven’t found anything that works that well with my schedule.

    Your pups are adorable…and I love the Tri It toque!

    1. Hi Leana,

      I swim with a drop in group at the Beltline Pool (its a City of Calgary pool) on Sundays at 9 am. The woman who coaches also runs swim sessions at Glenmore (I’m not exactly sure of the schedule – I think it is twice on weeknights and Saturdays) and at Acadia (Sunday, 12:30 pm). It’s usually listed as “conditioning swim” on the city pool schedules.

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