My Week in Workouts – March 2 to 8, 2015

Well, I registered for my fist olympic triathlon so I guess it is time to actually start training!  I’ve got 11 weeks until the race, which should be enough time to go from a base to olympic, right? I like reading about my training for a race so I’m going to document my training (it is my first time trying this after all).

This would be week 1, so here’s how it went.

Monday – weights (NROL, Stage 4), 1.5 bike on the trainer

I lifted weights (I’m not loving the exercises in this stage of NROL but at least they are quick) and then rode my trainer for 1.5 hours. I like FrayedLaces Trainer Tuesday workouts so I just added on some extra time to make it a 1.5 hour workout. I did workout #17 with an additional 15 minute warm and cool down.

Tuesday – Rest

I really hadn’t planned on rest day but after our dog walk I was pretty tired.

Wednesday – 5 km hike and 1875 m swim

It was a beautiful day so Patches and I went hiking on Nose Hill. We haven’t been up there since the fall and even though it was a little brisk, it was nice with sun shining.

Hiking with my favourite guy


In the evening I met Jon at the pool for a swim. I did 102 laps (it is an 18.5 m pool) and it was not my day for a swim. I did a warm up and then sets of 8, 10 or 12 laps as a sort of ladder. Everything felt really laboured and I was just happy when it was done.

Thursday – 4.25 mile run (warm up, 5 x 0.5 mile intervals with 0.25 rest intervals)

I struggled to start this but it was such a beautiful day and once I got into the groove I enjoyed it. I don’t have track nearby so I run laps around a nearby street. I’m sure the people who live there wonder what I’m up to but it is a nice distance and there isn’t a lot of traffic.

Running home through the back alleys – I took a nasty spill here last time but the warm weather has turned all the ice to mush


Friday – REST

We ate pizza – I know that doesn’t count as a workout. I also took Patches for his walk.

Saturday – 6 km hike and 7 mile run

Jon, Patches and I went for a hike at Glenbow Ranch in the morning. It was such a beautiful day that I actually felt like doing my long run – something I haven’t done in a few weeks. It actually didn’t feel that terrible but certainly wasn’t fast.

Family photo from our Saturday hike


Sunday – REST

Sunday was supposed to be swimming but I used the time change as an excuse to hang out at home with a coffee instead. I was so sore from my run on Sunday that this was probably a good choice. I had brunch with an old co-worker and took Patches for a walk in the sunshine.


Run: 11.5 miles
Bike: 1.5 hours
Swim: 1 hour

That should have been an 8.5 hour workout week – I actually did about 4.5 so only about half of my planned training. Ha, obviously I need to work on following my training plan a little better!

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