My Week in Workouts – March 16 to 22, 2015

I finally started putting in the required effort this week and it felt really good to be completing my workouts as I’d planned.

Monday – “Track” Repeats (5 miles total)

I’ve had a Garmin 305 forever but have never really used the training functions in it before. I recently started creating and uploading my workouts and it has been awesome. Especially for my track repeats – I don’t have to remember the whole workout, I just have to do what my Garmin tells me.

This week’s workout was a ladder – 400 m, 600 m, 800 m, 800 m, 600 m, 400 m – with 400 m “rest” intervals. I did a 0.75 mile warm up and cool down for a total of 5 miles. I hit all my target paces so it was a good workout.

Tuesday – Weights (NROL + abs)

Jon invited me out for dinner and since we haven’t been on a date, just the two of us, in forever I accepted. This meant that I only had time to take Patches out and do a quick weights workout. But it was worth it for 3 hours with my husband. We went out for Greek and I had some really delicious lamb. The restaurant was so quiet (it was basically just us) so we were able to catch up and just enjoy each other’s company.

Yummy dinner out with the husband. We had appetizers, dinner and dessert and spent 3 hours together just visiting. Worth missing my planned workouts for.


Wednesday – 1.5 hour Trainer Ride, 45 minute Swim

After walking Patches I got on the trainer for 1.5 hour ride. I did Frayed Laces Trainer Tuesday #14 (with an extra long warm up and cool down) while I watched She’s The Man on Netflix. Then I headed to the pool for a short swim – I did 2 sets of 50 m each free, breast, fly kick, 4 sets of 50 m each back, breast, free pull and 4 sets of 50 m each back, breast, free swim.

Thursday – 7 mile Tempo Run

I did 7 mile, alternating with my pace and “easy”. It was super windy so I found this run very, very tiring. I started listening to “Serial” (I know, I’m behind the times) and was instantly hooked.

I planned my run so my rest interval would occur when I had to climb the giant hill onto Nosehill.


Friday – Rest

Patches and I went for a walk and then we celebrated the start of spring break with dinner and drinks.

Saturday – 9 mile run

It was very foggy out on Saturday morning so this run was actually kind of spooky. I could hardly see in front of me at parts, and I was glad I’d chosen to run on bike paths (not the road or on the trails). I still had a few episodes of “Serial” left so I was pretty occupied for the run and enjoyed myself even though I chose to run lots of hills.

I thought the fog was going to burn off but it never did. It actually made the run easier because while I knew where I was, I didn’t really know where I was – so I couldn’t worry myself over the long hills.


It was pretty lonely on the backside of Nosehill but I ran into more people as I got closer to the major parking lot.


Sunday – 1 hour swim, 45 minute bike (BRICK)

We went to swim club and I had to swim in the fast group today. It was exhausting! I’d decided to make a brick workout of it so Jon drove the car to work and I rode by bike home. It wasn’t the fastest transition but I’m still counting it as a brick – my first of the season. The ride home was a little chilly and my legs were tired after my run and bike but it was nice to be out. I rode home from the pool up the usual route but detoured through Confederation Park to enjoy the sun for a little bit longer.


Run: 21.5 miles (3.75 hours)
Bike: 2.25 hours
Swim: 1.75 hours

About 8.25 hours of working out this week – almost double the previous weeks and much closer to my planned number of hours. This coming week is my spring break (yay) so I will have more time for working out and I’m hoping to fit in lots of cross-training in the form of dog walking and hiking.

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