Day Hiking – Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Again

My alarm clock “sprung ahead” on Friday – meaning I got up an hour earlier than I needed to – I fact which I forgot by Saturday morning so when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 am I got up. By the time I’d realized my mistake I couldn’t fall back asleep so we ended up starting our Saturday a little earlier than I would have liked. The upside was that it gave us an early start on our plans – a morning hike/dog walk at Glenbow Ranch. We visited the park last September so we knew it would be nice place for an easy walk on a sunny March day.

Spring day at Glenbow Ranch

Jon has been absent – either in the field or working long hours at the office – for most of the past two months so what I really wanted to do was spend some time together. We’ve been having a spell of pretty nice weather so getting outside was also a must. We loaded the dog into the Rover, stopped at the bakery for some breakfast and made the short drive out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park to fit in some family time.

We were at the park around 10 am and there were only a few cars in the parking lot. We quickly checked the map, but I already had in mind that we would hike some of the trails in the western part of the park that we hadn’t visited last time. We started out counter-clockwise around the Tiger Lily Loop – it was a little icy in the trees but beyond that the gravel trail was bare and dry.

Patches was so happy to be out. He just had eye surgery but has recovered fast


From there we took the Badger Bowl Trail (also counter-clockwise) that climbs back up to the top of the bluff for some pretty views over the river and towards the mountains.

The trail up to the top of the bluff
The trail up to the top of the bluff
Views from the top of Badger Bowl


The path back is paved until the intersection with the Tiger Lily Trail where we turned again onto the gravel paths and headed back up to the parking lot.

On the way back
On the way back

In total we hiked/walked about 6 km in an hour and a half. There was some up and down but overall a pretty easy outing and a nice way to start our Saturday.

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