2015 Travel Plans – Big Trips

February was a busy month for travel for me (I was away for 3 out of 4 weekends) but it was also a busy month for travel planning. Jon and I made bookings for most of our big travel vacations this year and I’m so excited!

First up is our mini-break (for my spring break) – we’re heading to Jasper to stay at the Jasper Park Lodge for 3 days. I got a good deal on rooms with my AMA card so we’re packing our bags for a little shoulder season vacationing.

I grew up near Jasper, but we haven’t been back in years (since 2008 I’m pretty sure) and this would be our first trip in the winter. We honeymooned along the Icefield Parkway in 2005 and I’m looking forward to driving it in the winter/shoulder season.

One of our first “family” photos – on the Athabasca Glacier – in 2005

Our plans in Jasper are pretty loose – maybe some walking/hiking, some relaxing (and maybe a massage) at the hotel spa and some time drinking expensive cocktails in the hotel lounge. Jon has a very busy next three week so some down time (together) is exactly what we need.

Then this summer we’re off to Scotland! I’d posted that it was one of the destinations in our 10 Places to Visit in the Next 10 Years and I’m happy that we’re doing it this year. Including two travel days we’ve got 19 days away – the longest vacation we’ve taken since 2009. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of stuff to see and do so I’m working on picking a few key locations since I don’t want to be driving all the time. So far I think we’ll start in Glasgow, then head north towards the Isle of Skye (with a few stops along the way), then maybe over to Inverness and somehow back south towards Edinburgh. On my Scotland Bucket List right now are hiking the Three Loche Way, Ben Nevis, whiskey tasting and sleeping in a castle so I’m planning a drive that will let us do all those things.

It is going to be a jam-packed summer but shortly after we get home from Scotland I’m heading out again to visit my little sister in Colorado. We have never done a trip just the two of us and since I haven’t got to see much of her over the past few years I’m really looking forward to it. I got my flight on Airmiles so they were cheap and direct – making it only a few hours of travel time.

My sister took my Dad to Great Sand Dunes National Park when he visited in the fall but I'm going to make her take me too!
My sister took my Dad to Great Sand Dunes National Park when he visited in the fall but I’m going to make her take me too! How cool does that look?

And finally, in that very, very tentative category, I’m thinking we might head to Victoria and then Seattle for my week off in October. Fly to Victoria, maybe run the half-marathon/marathon there, take the ferry to Seattle, fly home from there.

Phew, that seems like a jam-packed year for travel. Along with some mini-vacations it should make for some fantastic adventures!

Have you been to any of the places we’re going? Any must sees or dos?


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