My 2015 Race Plans

I love to train, but rarely race, often even after I have done the training.  So, one of things I wanted to do more of in 2015 was race.  I’ve written about it before, but I often let my worries about not being able to make it to the race and not being successful stop me from registering.  What happens then is that I have no commitment and I just never get around to doing it. For both of my marathons, even after putting it a ton of training, I waited until about 1 month before to sign up – it would have been incredibly frustrating to find the event had sold out so I’m lucky my procrastination didn’t backfire to much.

This year, to help make this goal more of a reality and battle my last minute commitment phobia,  I’ve already registered for some races! Yup, I have put down money for a few of the events I’d like to do and plan to register in advance for at least another one (to take advantage of early bird pricing).

I generally race 1 or twice a year, so doing more isn’t exactly going to require me to be out every month running a race.  This is jam packed racing schedule for me, so might not be realistic, but here’s what I’d like to do this year.


MRU Spring Spring Triathlon (500 m swim, 17.5 km bike, 5 km run)- this seems so early for a triathlon, but if I’m diligent about riding my trainer (and it doesn’t snow heavily in April) I don’t see why it won’t work out.


Airdrie Olympic Triathlon (1500 m swim, 33.5 km bike, 10 km run)- This is a chance to do an olympic in a pool – which is something I want. Baby steps.

MEC Spring Century Ride – One of the other things I’d like to do in 2015 is complete a century ride – this would be a perfect way to do that. This would mean back to back weekends but I’m not sure that would matter with this event as it would certainly be more of a fun ride for me (I hope).


I always regret committing to events in June, but I’m still thinking about racing. I will be cursing myself by the end of May for sure.

Strathmore Women’s Triathlon (500 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run)- this was my first triathlon 2 years ago. Last year it conflicted with the Spartan Sprint but they moved the date up to the beginning of the summer this year. I’m not entirely sure about this one (triathlons are expensive) but I’ve got it tentatively scheduled in. If you are a looking for a super friendly beginner event, this is perfect.

MEC Race 4 (5 km or 10 km) – Cheap and easy. I’m leaning more towards this than the triathlon in June but again, I think this will be one of those races I decide about later.


Nothing – I plan to be off travelling, hiking and adventuring!


Calgary Spartan Sprint – We did this last year and had so much fun. I’ve already registered and paid for our spots so this one is as for sure as they can get.


MEC Fall Century Ride – Maybe?

Blitz Duathlon (7 km run, 20 km bike, 3 km trail run) – Already registered and paid for as spots are pretty limited. I’ve never done a duathlon so this should be interesting. A friend, and a friend of a friend are also doing the event so I should have some training and racing buddies.


I think that should wrap up my racing calendar for 2015 unless I decide to get serious about a fall marathon (pending my foot recovery).

Anyone registered for any of the events I’m thinking about?

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