Life Lately – February 10, 2015

I feel like things have been really routine around here lately. That’s good, because it means nothing bad is happening, but it’s also not that exciting.

It’s winter (obviously) but the type of winter I hate – cold but no snow. It has been sunny and it is beautiful but I want to be able to go out cross-country skiing and it just isn’t that weather.  I had planned to go last weekend but conditions were just not favourable. Hopefully we’ll get some snow and I can take my skis out again soon.

I’m still scanning all my photos – still currently working my way through the end of the 1990’s (which would have been the end of high school for me). I’ve found more photos of my horses, my prom and my Dad doing a triathlon. It felt overwhelming for a while, but I reorganized my office over the weekend and it seems like the amount I have left is more manageable. Next I’m going to dive into the rest of the negatives in my “unidentified” pile.

Me and Coda – June 2000.


I’ve been running and biking and swimming and lifting weights as per my training schedule. I’m feeling pretty tired these days so tonight was a night off but other than that it is going well. I’ve been sticking with my plan to get outside every day by mostly walking Patches twice a day, but all my runs also force me to get outside.

A beautiful but frosty winter walk the other day


Jon is still away in Stettler (he was briefly home last week for a few day) and I think we’re both tired of it. We’ve done our share of long distance and working in the field, but it has been a really long time (probably back to those days when I was doing ERT in Fort McMurray) since we’ve been apart this long. I like a little bit of apart time but 5 days or so is plenty.

But I have been using my solo dog walking time to listen to more audio books. I finished Forever on the Mountain and am currently deviating from my mountaineering adventures obsession to listening to a book about deep caving adventures (Final Descent). I also listen while commuting, on my bike trainer and when out running but man, listening to someone else read a book takes a long time. But, the trade off it it allows me to “read” when I normally couldn’t (like running or driving) so it is worth the trade off.  I still haven’t left my mountain book phase completely – I actually signed out three paper books from the library to read more about the 1967 expedition to Denali.

We’re still trying to make our minds up about a vacation this spring. I get two weeks of spring break (and Jon has lots of time off after his extended field stay) so we have time but we’ve now got to decide what (if anything) fits into our travel budget. We’ve done some sort of spring trip almost every year for the past 6 years (Mayan Riviera, Belize, Las Vegas, The Dominican RepublicKenya/Tanzania) so it would be nice to go away again somewhere this year too. Maybe this will be the year we do something here in Alberta in the winter.

What’s life like lately for you? Any suggestions for a fun getaway in Alberta (in March/April?)


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