Another Weekend at the Cabin

I’m always lucky when I get to go to the cabin, especially when it is a long weekend. We headed up on Friday (after my turning courses) and spent two and a half days just relaxing.

Patches and I would go for an early morning walk (he insists on waking up at 7:45 am), then we’d have a latte. We’d follow that with another walk around the lake, and then relax for the afternoon with our books. Dinner was casual and then we’d play a game of Dutch Blitz. More reading, early to bed and then repeat the next day. It was pretty close to perfect – the only thing that would have made it better was if the husband had been able to join us (he is still out in the field).

At least the views are pretty. I actually enjoyed my early morning excursions - especially since it was so warm
At least the views are pretty. I actually enjoyed my early morning excursions – I do love starting my day outside
Enjoying a warm run – it felt like spring and I was totally over dressed

We took the Land Rover for it’s (our) first adventure and it was pretty good. It is a little loud (and not great on gas) but it fits all of our stuff in it – and I am not a light packer.

The Rover is our new to us ride for family trips.

Despite (or maybe because of) my relaxing weekend, I woke up irritable about the fact that I had to go into work today. I hadn’t slept well, falling asleep sometime after midnight, and really just wanted another day of relaxing. Luckily, getting some stuff done at school, and a nice hard spin on my trainer seem to have changed my mood. Even with the rocky start this morning, the rest of the week promises to be good. Jon is coming home (finally!), the weather should be warm and we’ve got some fun weekend plans.

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