A Quick Weekend Recap – West Edmonton Mall Waterpark

It is only Wednesday, feels like it should be Thursday and yet somehow I’m behind on all the things I wanted to get done this week – like tell you about my weekend!

This weekend was our much anticipated “West Edmonton Mall Tropical Vacation”. Since Jon and I won’t be heading anywhere warm this winter (or probably this summer either) it was nice to have this mini-break. We’ve been lucky out west that the weather has been unseasonably warm so it isn’t the cold that is problem (not like last year) but since one can always complain about the weather, this warm spell has ruined all the skiing snow. Winter isn’t a lot of fun right now, so a weekend away at an indoor venue was still a good idea.

We drove up on Friday right after work – Jon had fuelled up the the Rover and even bought road snacks to keep us going until we reached Edmonton. Advantage of the warm winter – the road conditions were great on our drive up and we were in the city by 7:30 pm. We stayed at the Comfort Inn West Edmonton which is only a short drive from the mall. It is also close to several chain restaurants, so when all of us had made it to the hotel we headed out for dinner at Earl’s. I haven’t been to an Earl’s in a long time, but if you go after 8 pm they have room for large groups, even on a Friday night.

On Saturday morning we all met up bright and early (8:30 am) for breakfast at the attached restaurant. I hadn’t realized it when I booked the hotel but you get a complimentary breakfast at the restaurant – eggs, toast, bacon and coffee – with your stay. Nothing special but enough to fuel us up for our adventures.

We’ve decided the trick to a good WEM Waterpark experience is to get there early so we arrived at the mall just a few minutes before the 10 am opening time. There was already a line to get in but we only waited about 15 minutes or so. The waterpark has this admissions rule where you can get a family pass even if you’re not what is usually considered a family (2 adults, 2 kids). You can also add on extra people for only $28 so it works out to about a $10 saving per adult.

We had reserved a beach front patio again which I think is such a great idea when you’re there with a group. We had some extra towels, use of the washrooms that are right there and a place to meet up. Families with babies were able to stash all their stuff there, and take naps on the day bed. I didn’t make much use of it, but it is totally worth the $80 to keep my towel (and the book I never even opened) somewhere.

Because we were there so early we got on all the slides before there were any real lines. We did a few of the slides that seem to get lined up later (because the ride is longer) like the Blue Bullet and Corkscrew without having to really wait at all. Then I proceeded to work my way through all the other open slides including the Cyclone (which I rode twice this year and actually enjoyed). There never really seems to be a long line for the “extreme” slides so I probably rode those the most but I also enjoyed some time in the wave pool and a little hot tubbing.

It is always sunny and warm at the waterpark!

By 3 pm I was exhausted so we called it quits and grabbed a quick snack in the mall food court before heading back to Calgary.

I think I was in bed by 9 pm but even so I was sore and tired on Sunday. All those stairs must really have wore me out! We went to our group swim, got groceries, picked up the dog and spent the rest of the day puttering around the house. I got a bunch of marking done, and Patches and Jon caught up on their sleep. I like adventures where I can have a ton of fun, but still have a day or so to recover.

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