What I’m Eating This Week – January 12, 2015

I came home from the grocery store almost giddy with excitement over all the yummy things I bought to eat this week. I know lots of people don’t enjoy grocery shopping but as long as I’m not feeling rushed (and I have my list – I don’t know how people who shop without a grocery list do it!), I like it. I managed to find a new delicious nut butter and a good deal on Medjool dates (so good) which made my grocery shopping trip.

Along with my grocery shopping high, I’m excited this week because I’ve trying out lots of new recipes. I found myself feeling really hungry last week – and I think it was in part to do with the type of food I chose to cook. This week I’ve gone for some heartier (but still healthy) options so hopefully that keeps me satisfied. This evening I did my weekly cook up and managed to prep everything but a few side dishes (sliced cucumbers with oil/vinegar, leaf lettuce salads, those kinds of things). It took me a couple hours but I’m always happy to find an almost ready meal when I get home on a work day.

This week’s meals (thankfully) didn’t involve a lot of chopping but I did have to do a lot of dishes

So, what did I cook?


I’m trying these blueberry sausage patties and carrot soufflés this week. Last week’s breakfasts were heavy on the hard boiled eggs, so I think this will be a nice change. I haven’t tasted either yet, but both smelled delicious while they were cooking. I pre-cooked all my sausage patties (just need to heat them up) and cooked one mini-souffle (just to see how long the little ones took – they still take about 30 minutes even in the little ramekins). The mini-souffle smelled just like a piece of carrot cake and it was hard to not eat it immediately. I had to make my own coconut butter and I used fresh carrots so the recipes were a little more involved but still fairly quick to pull together.


I made Easy Thai Curry for lunches this week. I used a large package of chicken thighs to save money (and because I like the flavour). I followed the instructions in the recipe for “freezing” but instead of mixing the veggies in, I packed the frozen veggies into the bottom half of canning jars and spooned the chicken mixture overtop (like a mason jar salad but with chicken curry instead). I hope this will keep the veggies a little crisper when it comes to reheating time.


I’m alternating Asian Pepper Steak and spaghetti squash with meat sauce for dinners this week. The steak goes into the crockpot, and because I’m lazy I always skip the browning stage, so all I had to do was thaw out some stirfry beef and mix it with the garlic and soy sauce to get it ready for cooking tomorrow. I usually have it with cauliflower rice but there were no cauliflowers at the grocery store so instead I’m just adding extra peppers and serving it with a side veggie.

I haven’t had spaghetti squash in forever and when served with meat sauce it is sort of a comfort food so I think this was a good choice for a winter week. I made a very basic meat sauce (ground beef, onions, garlic, spices, fire roasted tomatoes) which I again put into a bunch of single serving mason jars. I will thaw them out as needed this week and roast the squash while I lift weights.


I was obsessed with the idea of “ants on a log” last week but didn’t have any celery in the house so I made sure that I had the ingredients ready for this week. I’m using sunflower butter and dried cranberries for a slightly different flavour. My other go to snack this week is granny smith apple slices with cinnamon. I’ve also got bananas, baby carrots and those amazing dates (in moderation) so there should be lots of options.


I love going into a week knowing that I don’t actually have to do any cooking during the week. I know I need to stay late after work today, but because I’ve got dinner in the crockpot I’ll still have time to hang out with the dog and work out.

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