What I’d Like to Do in 2015

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I don’t really set resolutions but I do like to set annual to-do lists. Sometimes I find my list gets quite long, so I’m going to try and keep it simpler this year. Overall, my plan for 2015 is to spend more time doing the things I love   and waste less time on distractions. Here is what I’d like to do in 2015 to make that happen:


  • Get my foot injury completely healed – I’m still having some problems with this and I’d like it gone in 2015. Not feeling 100% sucks, and its not really something I’m ready to live with right now. While it no longer limits my day to day activities, I don’t want to feel limited in my ability to get out and be physically active. Getting up an extra 15 minutes earlier in the morning will give me time to stretch and do my exercises to help my leg muscles.
  • Race more – I don’t want to assign a number to this, but participating in more than 1 race a year is a must for me. I love the focus that having a race in my calendar brings to my training, plus having an event makes me less likely to slack off. And once I get started, I love racing so it will be some set “activities I love”. I’ve already registered for one race and will be posting about my training goals later this month.
  • Strength train consistently  – Hey, NROL, we’re going to be best friends in 2015! I want to have enough upper body strength that I can “play” more – and maybe even someday climb a rope!
  • Complete a century ride – I’ve never biked 100 km before, so why not in 2015? Ideally, I could also do 100 miles in a single ride this year too.


  • Monthly vacations/mini-vacations – this was a great to-do list item last year and made me feel like we spent more time doing fun things. I focused on this a lot in the first half of the year but I let it slide in the second half of the year which I think contributed to our general feeling of working too much in November and December. Honestly, getting away for the weekend shouldn’t be that difficult of a task so this year we’re going to do it!
  • Go on a trip without Jon – I love travelling with my husband, but each of us having our own adventures now and again will do no harm to our relationship. I think that by each of us planning our own adventure, we’ll have the opportunity to do some different things that we each love to do.


  • Make being outdoors something I do 356 days of the year – while summer is my favourite, winter is a big part of life in Alberta. I find that I limit my outdoor adventure planning to summer months, which means that for at least 1/2 the year I’m just waiting for it to warm up. I want every day in 2015 to involve something outside – dog walk, yard work, hike, bike, ski, whatever – and I want each month in the year to have one bigger outdoor adventure.
Look, I'm outdoors in the winter and enjoying myself - it is possible!
Look, I’m outdoors in the winter and enjoying myself – it is possible!

Around the House

  • Make our living space feel lived in – while I do choose to put my time and money elsewhere a lot of time, this year we’re going to spend some of that on making our living room feel like adults live there, instead of two transient college kids who still don’t own furniture or art work.
  • Keep the house clean and tidy – this seems to be the exact opposite of “do things you love” but I find I have more time and energy to do things I love when I’m not living in a cluttered and dusty house. We need to follow my cleaning schedule (so that I don’t spend all weekend cleaning) and de-junk regularly.


  • Keep a paper journal on a (mostly) daily basis – I’m enamoured with reading expedition journals from the early 1900’s right now. While I know my own personal musing will not be nearly as exciting, I like the idea of capturing the day to day. I hope that by jotting down a few notes about each day I’ll have a better idea about what I’m actually doing with my time and be more appreciative of what I am doing.
  • Carve out more time for my hobbies/other stuff by spending less time aimlessly wandering the internet – I love spending time on my computer, but I want to be more conscious of when I’m surfing the internet/hanging out on social media because I have something I want to do compared to when I am just doing it to fill time.
  • Celebrate our 10 year anniversary– Jon and I will have been married for 10 years in 2015, which seems like something that requires more than our usual dinner out.

And finally, this to-do item from our annual “let someone else set your New Year Resolution” draw. Everyone submits one challenge into the hat, and then you each draw something out. Apparently I’m going to have to do some fishing in 2015!


Here’s to happy adventuring in 2015!

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