These Last Few Days of Vacation

Have been all about trying (unsuccessfully) to get back into a routine. We came home from the cabin on Saturday, which meant that I still had three days off to get things organized before heading back to work. I probably shouldn’t let my vacation life get so far from my working life but there is just something irresistible about staying up late, sleeping in and ignoring chores that I can’t help but let things slide. Unfortunately, this means that it is always a struggle to convince myself to come back to my regular schedule.

On Sunday we indulged in one last semi-vacation day by sleeping in. It was cold out so we felt sort of justified in spending a few extra hours curled up in bed. Then I did some nagging chores – dejunking my sock drawer, reorganizing my workout clothes and tidying up our tupperware cupboard. I’m sure I must have done some other things because I felt quite accomplished at the end of the day but I can’t remember what they were.

Despite the cold, we had one thing left to check off on our Christmas vacation to-do list before vacation ended- go see the Christmas lights at Confederation Park. I have been wanting to ski there at night to see them but either there isn’t enough snow or it’s too cold so we settled for a walking excursion. They turn on at 5:30 pm so we bundled up, drove over and had a quick walk around.


It was also Patches’ birthday (he turned 10 at the beginning of the month) and we celebrated post walk with some maple-butter cupcakes and frosting. Patches seemed shocked that he was allowed a whole cupcake to himself. Jon also brought home his traditional birthday gift of a giant bag of Alpaca wool to make into a dog bed (I guess I have a new sewing project).


On Monday Jon went back to work so I tried my best to spend at least some time being productive. I did chores prepared for school and cleaned the house. I also stuck with my training plan (always a good thing on day 1) and went for a run. Today was much the same, except I added in a lot of time spend shovelling snow and rode my trainer instead of running. Winter has returned in full force and I was glad that I didn’t have to do the morning commute. I am excited for the snow though because I know its going to mean that skiing conditions will improve! My Wednesday start means that this will be short work week and as long as it isn’t freezing, next weekend will have some outdoor adventures!

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