Lately – January 24, 2015

I have been obsessed with bags.  I like having the right bag for the job, so I have been acquiring some to round out my collection. I just bought myself a new purse – this one (the Vibe) from Sherpani because I like to carry everything with me and my current bag just wasn’t big enough.

new purse
 This one is bigger (but not too big), it has lots of pockets and a great little carrying strap plus a shoulder strap. I’ve only had it today but already love it. It is a little more green than grey which makes it slightly more exciting but not too exciting.

I also bought a new school bag – the MEC Penny Lane Tote – which is the perfect size for my school planner, a sweater, my snacks and my laptop. It was also on sale, which made it even easier to love. And a new weekend bag – the MEC Wild Iris (also on sale). I have a duffle that I use to travel with – I took it NFL and it fit enough stuff for 10 days –  but it is a little large to cart around when I’m just going to be gone for a weekend. I took it with me on my mini-weekend trip to visit Jon on Friday night and it was perfect for a change of clothes, my toiletries and a book. It is also carry-on sized so will be perfect for weekend getaways that involve flying.

Speaking of getaways, I made it out of town for the evening last night to visit Jon, who has spent the last couple weeks in Stettler. I was only there for 12 hours – 8 of which we slept – but it was so nice to see him again. While I drive myself all over Calgary, it is rare that I drive myself anywhere outside of the city. That means that any time I road trip by myself it feels like an adventure – even if it is just driving a few hours to visit my husband.

road trip to stettler

And while the best part of the trip was getting to see Jon, my second favourite part was listening to an audio-book. I’ve been hooked on reading non-fiction about mountain climbing so I downloaded Forever on the Mountain to keep me occupied while I drove. I’ve read about Everest (Into the Silence by Wade Davis) and K2 (K2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain by Ed Viesturs) so now I’m reading about Denali (Mt. McKinley). The problem now is that I still have a lot of book to get through so maybe I’ll need another road trip to finish it.

Tell me, what’s your secret to solo road trips? Any good audio books to recommend?

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