Fitness – Looking Back at 2014 and Planning for 2015

While I felt my fittest (for part of the year), 2014 was my lowest milage year since I started keeping track in 2010. I ran about 220 miles – which is only about 4 miles per week, or about 1 run a week. I did a lot better for biking (except , of course, that it is easier to ride than run) – riding nearly 1000 miles, and swimming – getting close to 50 hours in the pool. Still, adding up those hours only puts me at about 150 hours of training for the year, well below the 300 hours I had planned. I feel like I really let myself get off track after June, but the good news is that 2015 is the start to a new training year and I can try again.


Last year I planned using The Triathlete’s Training Bible and it was good (the part I was able to follow through at least) so I am trying that approach again this year. My Dad gifted me a copy for Christmas which means I can have it handy around the house to refer to as needed. It’s a pretty large book so isn’t exactly something I’ll keep in my purse but I can put it in my bookshelf and pull it out as needed.

The first step in planning is to pick goals so over the Christmas break I sat down and figured out what I want to accomplish this year in terms of racing. Here’s what I’d like from my triathlon season:

  • Complete a sub-1:30 sprint triathlon (with a 750 m swim). I came so close last year at Woody’s Sprint Triathlon so if I can get myself back to that level of fitness I think this is do-able (I do have a sub-1:30 triathlon time from Strathmore Women’s Triathlon in 2013 but that is with a 500 m swim and since a 750 m seems like a standard sprint I’m not counting it)
  • Decrease my swim to bike transition time
  • Complete a sub-3:15 olympic distance triathlon. I haven’t done an olympic distance triathlon so that in itself is a goal!

Swimming is still my weakest sport so I decided to focus on that again this year as my area of training. Looking at how I stack up against other athletes in my age category I think I have the most to gain by improving my swim and bike performances.

I recently picked up a copy of Run Less Run Faster because I though the 3 runs a week type training might compliment my swimming and biking nicely. I added a 5 km training plan into my schedule as a way of getting ready for my first triathlon of the year, which I hope will be sprint tri in the spring. My foot (of course) is still not perfect – so I’m hoping the lower milage with cross-training will allow it heal up while still letting me train.

I’m in the “prep” weeks of training still but I think it is going well. I nailed my run and bike so far this week and even got in a good weight lifting session. It feels good to have a plan again and I’m feeling optimistic about 2015!

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