My Favourite Adventures in 2014

Last year I re-capped my year by month, but this year I feel like some months had so many adventures and some months all I did was hang out at home and do work. This year I’m going to recap by my favourite adventures instead so I can skip past the boring bits and focus on the fun.

Getting Possession of Our New House (January)


In January we moved into our new house and it has been the best. I love the space and the location. It’s so much closer to work, downtown and our friends. I love having a bigger bedroom that fits a king-sized bed. I love having a workout space where I can lift weights and ride my bike. I love that my kitchen has room for a big fridge and a kitchen table. And I love that it is still not that big. I am looking forward to spending many, many more happy years in our house.

Spending a Week in the Mayan Riviera with Some of My Best Friends (March)

Wearing our "party suits" with pride
Wearing our “party suits” with pride

We banished the winter blues with a week in sunny Mexico. We wore silly swimsuits, drank adult beverages and relaxed. It was awesome! I know that spending a week in Mexico isn’t in the cards every year but I’d certainly love another week in the sun again soon.

Our Mini-Vacation in Fernie (May)

jenn and jon fernie1

It was only a weekend long but we packed in a lot of fun into those few days. We played disc golf, hung out with some great people, did a little hiking and just generally had fun. I love weekends away with the husband and friends.

My Second Triathlon – Woody’s RV Triathlon (June)

woody's tri_8I felt like I totally rocked this race. I had a great swim, good transitions and a fast run. I really hoped to fit in a few more triathlons in 2014 but I got side-lined with an injury and am still working to recover. In 2015 I want to feel as fit as I did at the end of this race again.

Our Day 10 Trip to the Oregon Coast (July)

rockaway_beach_sunsetOregon was awesome! We hiked, camped and hung out on the beautiful beaches. I love a good road trip so its a good thing I married a man who likes to drive. We had perfect weather (which really helped) and I loved it all.

Backpacking to Turbine Canyon (and Catching Up with Good Friends)

On the way out
On the way out

Turbine Canyon (and the hike in) are actually pretty spectacular, even in less than perfect weather. Unfortunately, I think it was this hike that triggered my foot injury but I don’t regret it. I know that Jon and I should probably spend more time outside so we’ve got to take the opportunities that we get. I’m hopeful that we’ll both be in shape to be backpacking again in 2015.

The Calgary Spartan Race (August)

imageSuch a ridiculous event! This was my first obstacle race and was actually pretty fun. I don’t think I’d ever do one by myself but as part of a team it was a blast. I’ve already signed up for 2015 and am looking forward to another fun race with my team. This year I’m going to fit in a little more strength and movement training in preparation for this event.

Day Hiking 

Hiking up to Karst Springs
Hiking up to Karst Springs

We got in several nice day hikes through-out the summer. We hiked in Oregon (Cape Lookout State Park, Ecola State Park); and we hiked here at home in Kananaskis. I love going out to the mountains and there are just so many hikes to explore around here. I am happy every time we go out.

Our Fall Trip to Chicago (October)

At the Bean
At the Bean

It rained in Chicago – the whole time – but this trip was still a highlight of 2014. Before this year we hadn’t spent much tim in the US but I’m really starting to enjoy exploring our neighbour to the south.


I hope that 2015 is just as adventure filled as 2014!

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