2014 Plans – Final Update

So, 2014 did not go exactly to the plan – not to say it wasn’t an awesome year – but I certainly got   stalled out on lots of things I wanted to do. I felt that more than any other year I said “I’m just so busy”. I seriously need to think about how I’m going to stream-line my life in 2015 so that I’m focusing my time on what I want to be doing, not what I feel like i should be doing. But back to 2014, and those goals I set back in January.

This was by far where I fell the shortest from my mark. I felt so strong up until the end of June, then I injured my foot, and I’ve never really managed to pull it back together. It was a sad second half of the year for sure.

  • Conquering the “up” – I did hike, and in January I tried some hill intervals but yeah, this never really came together.
  • Finally finishing NROL – I’m not done but I’m working on it. I’m done Stage 4 so I plan to finish it off and then start again.
  • Running more with other people – nope, not really at all.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – I did a sprint triathlon but never made it to my olympic distance.

2014 was a great year for travel – and I love when that happens!

  • Monthly weekends away – this was the perfect goal for the year (and one I plan to continue) – I feel like I travelled so much in the first 2/3 of the year. We didn’t make it away in August, September and November but the mini-vacations every other month were awesome.
  • Summer road trips – We made it to Oregon (and the Okanagan) on our 10 day road trip. I love a good summer road trip and this one was perfect!
  • Visits to some new US states – Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Illinois. Win!

In 2014 we did spend more time outside (not quite enough but we’re getting there). I always long for grand outdoor adventures but am still working on making the time for them.

  • Hike (day hikes and overnight trips) – we did both day hiking and an overnight trip.
  • Car camp – only when we were in Oregon but it was pretty nice. I am looking forward to some more camping in 2015
  • Canoe – no.

Around the House
So, we didn’t make a list but we did do some home repairs. We just finished off installing our new microwave and we’ve done lots of other things to the house (new furnace, electrical, plumbing, the dishwasher, phew…)


  • Read – Yes, more than last year. I finished 42 books – I loved the Queen’s Thief series and was disturbed by reading the Last Survivors series. I couldn’t put down Where’d You Go, Bernadette and struggled through the Into the Silence.
  • Take better pictures – Not really.
  • Play the piano – a little
  • Update the blog – YES! I switched to self-hosting so I am working on making it my very own space. I figure after 7 years its about time.

The best part of any year are all the unplanned adventures and other things that happen so overall I think 2014 was pretty good. I’m looking forward to planning the new year and all the adventures 2015 is going to bring!

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