Today’s Trainer Workout – November 13, 2014

We’re still experiencing a cold snap here in a Calgary so even though my training plan called for a run, I just couldn’t force myself to do it. Instead, I bundled up for a dog walk (have to get outside at least for a while) and then hopped on my bike trainer to get some exercise in.

I know some people just can’t stand the trainer but I personally don’t mind it. I’m most successful when I have a plan, so I always try and come up with something before I get on to keep me motivated. Tonight I wanted something that wasn’t too hard but would keep me focused for 60 minutes. I came up with the following – it was enough to make me sweat but not leave me feeling drained.

15 min warm up – alternating easy and hard gears
4 sets of alternating legs drills (1 min right, 1 min both, 1 min left, 1 min both)
3 sets of 2 min at 60 rpm (harder gear), 1 min spin between sets
3 sets of 3 min at 100 rpm, 1 min spin between sets
9 min cool down

Oreo joined me for the last 15 minutes – I guess my trainer time ran into what he thought should be dinner time and he tried his hardest to persuade me to get off the bike. No luck – I finished my session and then we both got dinner.


Tell me, what’s your favourite bike trainer workout?

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