Vacation Has Started!

Friday was my last (half) day of work before summer break so now I’m officially on vacation! Last year we went canoeing to start off our summer, but this year we’re on our Oregon road trip.

We’re just on the very first leg of our trip – Calgary to the cabin. We drove down last night, along with everyone else escaping the city for the long weekend. Even though I was done at 12:30 pm yesterday we didn’t get out of the city until 4 pm so it was a long drive with lots of RV and trailer traffic. Patches found it very stressful so there was lots of seat shuffling until we both ended up in the back seat.


While the weather at the cabin has been a little cloudy and rainy, it is a nice start to the vacation. We slept in (until 8 am), had a latte and just generally relaxed. We’ve taken the dogs out and during a sunny break, I got a mini-golf lesson and we kayaked around the lake to see the painted turtles.


Our plan for tomorrow is to cross the border into Idaho and make the long drive to Oregon. I’m looking forward to seeing some new states and (after what will be a long drive) getting to the coast!

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