May Recap and June Mini-Goals

Yay for May! I always feel May is the month where we go from ugly brown to green without even realizing it. By the end of the month I’m always amazed at the fact we have leaves and grass and flowers even though the first week is always snowy and cold.

Here is what I hoped I would accomplish in May:

1. Get my garden ready – we decided we won’t be planting a garden but we did get lots done around the yard. We cut back the shrubs around the house and Jon edged the sidewalk so the front of the house looks really sharp. We tidied up the bee area and our back lawn is starting to grow grass!

2. Be more consistent in my training – I registered for my first race of the year and I think it is good motivation right now. I did my first brick of the year and a timed swim (to get my 750 m swim time). My training volume went up slightly this month which is good.

3. Spend more time outside – for sure! Patches and I hiked on Nose Hill a couple of times, we picnicked outside, lawn bowled three times and had our first campfire in our yard. We just returned from a much needed weekend of outside adventures and I am so excited for the rest of the summer.


S’mores on the campfire

4. Get more sleep – I am still feeling tired (and this weekend didn’t help) but we did buy a new, king sized bed which is amazing. I don’t think I’m sleeping any longer but I think I’m sleeping better so it is a step in the right direction.


Our new and improved bed

June is typically a busy month and I know this one won’t be any different. I have report cards, a triathlon, company visiting and prep to do for our first summer trip. Besides all those things, my goals are:

1. At least one long ride before my triathlon – more than 40 km
2. Make time for adventures – I don’t want to spend all month working!
3. Two brick workouts – a ride/run and a swim/ride
4. Organize my guest room – make sure it is ready for company and not just a dumping ground for stuff we don’t know where to put

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