Race Registration and Training

I finally registered for my first race of the season – Woody’s Triathlon!

Lately I’ve been suffering from a terrible fear of not being successful with my training, so I never want to register for races. Even though I’ve picked out my goal races for the year, I’m having trouble committing to actually registering. So when I got an email from the Woody’s race organizers saying I had a spot after signing up for their wait list I just registered without thinking about it too much because I really wanted to do a pool triathlon before an open water olympic and I had already (thankfully) bailed on a triathlon this weekend.

The race is June 22 and will hopefully provided a much needed kick in the butt. My training has been less than stellar since I’ve been less than committed. I have some work to do (like swimming a 750 m time trial) so now that school is calming down (fingers crossed) I’m recommitting to running, swimming and biking.

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