13 Years Ago

The other week I came across letters that Jon had written me many years ago, including an excerpt from his journal the summer we met. That first meeting, according to Jon’s journal, was 13 years ago this week. I remember a grubby boy and Jonny noted in his journal that I could plant a lot of trees. At some point that summer, I fell in love with a guy that looked like this:


I’ve known for most of these 13 years that am lucky to have Jon as my partner in life, but was reminded again tonight. A stop to buy eggs led to chain saws and apple wood led to conversations on wood turning which led to me thinking how much of our wonderful life is due to my quirky husband and for that I am incredibly grateful. So, happy 13th meeting anniversary darling husband – that chance encounter has led to the best things in my life.


  1. awwww….Love you too. Couldn’t be happier and so glad to have such an amazing wife and life together. xoxoxo

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