My April Mini-Vacation – Low Key Weekend at the Cabin

We had Friday off, Jon was already away and the weather forecast wasn’t great – making this the perfect weekend to head out of town. Mer and I headed up to the cabin after work on Thursday and spent the long weekend drinking lattes, walking the dogs and generally relaxing.

It was raining Thursday night when we got to the cabin and Friday was also on and off rain. We took the dogs for a long walk and I went for a run. I love running at the lake and now that my chiro had said I can return to regular training I have no excuses not to exercise.


Saturday was exactly the same – except the sun was shining. I wanted to try a new running route and Mer kindly accompanied me so that nothing horrible happened. Patches braved the thawed lake for a swim and I ate way to many cookies.


We followed our morning routine today (latte, long dog walk) and then packed up to head home. It was great to be away where I didn’t stress about getting chores done and instead spent two days catching up on my reading and relaxing.


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