Some Things Lately – March 16, 2014

Every year I forget how absolutely insane March is and then find myself madly trying to keep on top of everything when I should have known better than to attempt anything besides my daily routine. Jon has pretty much been living at work so the pets and I have been holding down the fort. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been up to:

1. I’ve been trying to get ready for our upcoming beach vacation. We remembered early enough to take Dukerol so I’m all up to date on my vaccines now. I’ve purchased most of the pieces for my vacation wardrobe – a cute maxi dress at Winners and 3 new swim suits including my “fun” suit from Splish.


2. I’ve been on a sewing kick – I just finished a new summer dress for our vacation out of some fabric I bought in the discount section at the fabric store. I sort of followed this post and used one of my favourite dresses to help size it.

3. I finished the swim distance for my Ironman March today. I still have a lot of bike miles to go so I think there will be lots of time spent on my trainer this week.

4. I’ve actually been running! It’s been warm and I wore my capris the other day. I love spring and while I’m sure it’s going to cool off again, we’re definitely moving into a warmer season!


5. We had a little house warming event yesterday to break in the new shuffleboard (and celebrate our new place). Jon was at work so I had the fun job of doing all the party prep. I did get to try a few new yummy recipes – fruit dip from Iowa Girl Eats and these super chocolatey cupcakes. The shuffleboard was also a huge hit


The next week until we head out is also going to full out busy – I’m certainly looking forward to a week with nothing more pressing than making sure I’ve applied sunscreen everywhere!

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