A “Tropical” Mini-Vacation – West Edmonton Mall World Water Park

It has been cold in Calgary lately so I was very happy that we had made plans to head to a warmer location this weekend – the water park at West Edmonton Mall. Even though we are not even close to being unpacked after our move it was too hard to pass up – and it met my goal of mini-trip each month for February.

We drove to Edmonton after work on Friday (with a quick stop in Red Deer for dinner) and spent the night in a low budget motel near the mall. Our group met up for a few fruity drinks at the nearby Cactus Club once we all made it to the city but retired early so we could be ready for a full day of water park adventures. We got to the park just after opening and then it was almost four hours of water slides and wave pool!

I haven’t been to the park since I was a kid and they have made some changes to the slides – which now include 3 slides with a drop start (one with a giant vertical loop!). We started off with the Cyclone – I figured that doing the slide that started with a free fall drop and had a giant loop first would make everything else seem easy. You climb up to the top of the slide and then step into a little chamber – it counts down and then the floor drops out and off you go. It wasn’t quite as terrifying as I thought (it was over so quick) but I got a lot of water up my nose.

After that I worked my way through most of the other slides at the park – most of them several times. While I couldn’t convince myself to ride the Cyclone again I did the other two drop slides (Sky Screamer) multiple times. My favourite slide was Nessie’s Revenge – even though the end always resulted in my swim suit riding waaaay up. With a group of 10 of us there was always at least one person who was willing to slide or battle the waves in the pool so I was exhausted by the time we left.

We ended up being away for only a little more than 24 hours but it felt like a real vacation. The water park was warm and with the sunshine and “beachside” cabana it felt like a tropical getaway. I spent my time sliding or in the pool (with a tiny bit if hot tubbing thrown in when I got chilly) but the relaxing in our rented cabana also looked pretty good. We’ve got our real beach vacation next month but this mini-vacation was a perfect way to beat the winter blahs.


  1. sounds fun…going crazy here, trying to pack up the old house, set up the new, and tend to utilities etc, since we have to also rent out the old place BLAH! Oh well emptied two kitchen drawers this evening, cleaned a bathroom, at the old house, damp mopped the main floor at the new place, had the dishwasher installed (to be told he had done several townhomes and none had the awkward corner cabinetry except ours, guess the ran out of proper corner cabinets when they go to ours.

    1. Moving is crazy! I’m sure the new place is going to be worth it – getting to unpack everything into the new place is so much more rewarding than the packing up is.

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