Triathlon Training Has Started – Setting Goals and a Training Plan

I picked up a copy of The Triathlete’s Training Bible from the library the other week and have been reading it to help me prepare my training for the year. It’s been a good read and has really helped me figure out how I’m going to do things. It’s certainly more complicated than grabbing a 12 week plan off the internet but I hope it’s going to pay off!

I started my plan “planning” by setting some triathlon specific goals for the season:

  • Complete an olympic distance triathlon (one of my 2014 goals so it was a no brainer)
  • Improve my sprint swim time to less than 12 min/500 m (my swimming is the slowest ever)
  • From these I set some training objectives:

  • Swim a continuous 1500 m by July
  • Decrease my free style swim stroke count by 10% by May
  • Ride a continuous 40 km by July
  • Then I followed the steps in the book to write up my “year plan” (which was pretty straightforward). And finally I figured out two months of specIfic workouts based on this – I’ll plan the rest once I see how it’s going. My training has a strong focus on swimming since that’s where my times are the slowest (and I feel the least confident) but I also plan to spend more time on my bike.

    For the past week I’ve been following my new plan and it’s been good. Lots of time in the pool means I actually get to spend more time with my husband and the bike trainer isn’t terrible (although I can’t wait to ride outside). So far it seems like I’ve still got time in my weeks for fun stuff too and we’ll just see how it goes between now and the end of February!

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