Chunky Arm Knit Scarves

I’d heard about arm knitting but it wasn’t until I was looking for a way to avoid doing “real work” today that I decided to give it a try. I’m sure you can arm knit lots of things, but what got me excited was how easy it looked to make a chunky wool scarf.

I love scarves – there is rarely a day where my outfit doesn’t include one, especially now that it is winter. Scarves are one of the ways that make my “wear everything for every season” wardrobe work – a dress that I’d wear in the spring with a light sweater gets the addition of a scarf and leggings and ta-da, winter wear! With this simple knitting project I was able to add not one but two new scarves to my collection in a little over an hour. Hooray, something new(ish) to wear when I return to work on Thursday!

imageShowing off new scarf #1


I had some wool leftover from my leg warmer project (which, by the way, I have been wearing almost every day) so I was able to sit down as soon as I decided I wanted to knit a scarf and get started. I used chunky (6 weight) wool blend, and did need most of 2 full skeins to make a double wrap infinity scarf. My first scarf was a blend of solid grey wool and a grey/white/purple patterned wool. My second scarf was made with two skeins of green wool.


There are lots of video instructions out there but I liked this video. I watched the casting on and making the first few stitches before I got started, and then just knit along to the video.

To make my first scarf I cast on 12 stitches (like she recommends in the video) and knit until I had 24 rows (not including the cast on row).

imageThe first few rows of stitching

The second scarf I made was only 10 stitches wide so I only knit 22 rows. The wool was supposed to be the same size but seemed thinner which gave me a looser, less chunky scarf.

imageThe looser knit on scarf #2

Once I cast off I stitched the two ends of each scarf together to make infinity scarves.

image imageThe finished products

Once I got the hang of it, these scarves went really quickly. It would be very easy to make a bunch of these – one for every day of the week?


  1. Those turned out so awesome! Nice job! I have yet to do any arm knitting. It seems every time I pick up my needles, my twins need something that involves my arms so I’m a bit scared to start.

    1. There was some wandering around with a half-knit scarf on one arm and balls of wool in the other when the dog decided that it was time to go outside but for sure you want to get your knitting finished before having to tackle anything else!

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