Newfoundland Travels – Whales, Walks and Wines in Twillingate

We drove from St. John’s to Twillingate on Saturday – a trip that takes most of the day and passes by lots of trees and rocks. It’s really not that far distance-wise but everything just takes a long time here. Luckily, Twillingate was worth all the driving.

We arrived in Twillingate on Saturday afternoon under a grey and drizzly sky which is how I’d pictured Twillingate. We hiked up the lookout behind our B and B for a view of the town before grabbing dinner. We were all snuggled up in bed by 9 pm since it was wet, cold and we were tired.


Twillingate from the Hillside lookout

When we woke up on Sunday morning it was still grey but not raining and as we waited on the docks for our 9:30 am whale watching tour to start patches of blue sky started to appear. At some point while we were out on the water the sun came out for real and all of a sudden we had a lovely, sunny day.


Watching for whales. We spotted a few but none were very interested in hanging around us.

From the harbour we drove to the Longpoint Lighthouse in (very) nearby Crow Head.


The Longpoint Lighthouse

The lighthouse is alright but what is really pretty are the trails on the headlands below.

It is a steep set of stairs down but the trails themselves are fairly flat. We walked an approximately 3 km loop that took in Nanny’s Hole and Sleepy Cove.


Nanny’s Hole

image Checking out the views

image Looking down into Sleepy Cove

image Testing out the waters

After our walking we had a bowl of chowder at the Crows Nest Cafe and Ruben and I went for a run (reluctantly at first but we both felt much better after). And then it was time for our final activity of the day – wine tasting at the Auk Island Winery!

The winery was a blast – a quick tour to see how they make berry wine (quite simple) and then a chance to taste all the wines. We had a ton of fun chatting with the ladies there and trying all sorts of strange berry wines. We bought a few cases between the four of us for shipping home and a bottle of the Krooked Cod to drink on our patio before dinner. One of the best things about Twillingate is that you can walk everywhere so everyone was able to enjoy.


Wine on the deck

An excellent day in Twillingate – if you are thinking of heading up to the island it is a great place to spend a day (or more if you enjoy a slower pace).

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