A Look Back at the Weekend

Whew, it has been a busy weekend! Now that spring is here there is just so much to do – we could easily have used an extra day or two of time off.

Friday we got to head home a little earlier than usual so I used my extra time to run a few errands and go my for long run. I picked up some plants for the pond which looks nicer since Jon cleaned it up again but still needs work.


The run was hot but not too bad and I was happy to have it finished since running on the weekend isn’t my favourite. There was a large grass fire burning just across the river from us but I couldn’t smell the smoke out on the running paths.


After my run I hopped on my bike to ride downtown to sit on a patio with friends for a while. Then I also had to ride home which made me very hungry so Jon, Patches and I grabbed some take out.

Saturday we headed to the dog park early to tire Patches out before biking downtown to join some friends in a scavenger hunt. We were given a list of clues and had to take pictures of ourselves at each spot or doing a certain activity. It has a blast but afterwards I was exhausted from the heat and all the walking.


We spent Saturday evening cleaning our basement. My goal for May is to clean and de-junk the house so we are slowly working our way through the different spaces. It is a very slow process but we got most of the basement bedroom completed before we called it quits.

Sunday was our usual morning swim session and then we worked in the yard for a few hours. We had some help and managed to weed and then move two of our raised beds. There is so much to do in the yard!


After our friends left we headed out to do a little shopping for the house. We needed new curtains for the bedroom basement and a new set of sheets for our bed. While we were out we splurged on some new pillows for the bed which I cannot wait to try.

After our shopping trip it was back into the basement for a few hours. We got the storage space under the stairs cleaned out and packed up some stuff to drop off at the thrift store. Jon made dinner and grilled up some asparagus from our own garden. It is great that we are already able to start eating from our yard.


We got a busy week ahead so it would have been nice to spend a little more time relaxing but I am happy with all of the stuff we got done – both fun and home repair activities. I’m looking forward to the long weekend next weekend so we can get some more stuff done.

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  1. Would like to see how this gets posted (meaning is it on your blog for the world 2 see). Your W/E sounds amazing considering we had hail and low temps in Southern Ontario. Love all the stuff you did…but of all I like for my interest the pond -I would love to have that but have worries. How deep is it? Anything over 11 inches unattended in Ontario is considered a drowning prob 4 children, but they don’t incl ponds just “swimming” like structures. Still love your pond and could put one at the side of the house near the house easy. So if this doesgo thru any pond building tips would be appreciated.

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