Millarville Half-marathon Training – Week 5

This week was much nicer for training because the weather was so much nicer! It was windy but I will put up with that if it means sunshine and warm temperatures.

Monday – 4 mile run and weights
We did 1.5 miles and weights in the morning before work and then another 2.5 miles after work.

Tuesday – Swim session and 4 mile run
I really can’t remember what I swam in the pool but I know I mostly worked on my freestyle. It was busier at the pool than the week before (maybe because it was earlier in the week?) but I still only had to share the lane for part of my workout. I love having a lane to myself which makes the 5:30 am swim time a good choice for me.

After work Patches and I went for a 4 mile trail run. We did some hills and just enjoyed being outside on a nice day.

Wednesday – weights
I was tired so Patches and I walked before work and then I fit in a quick weight lifting session. I had to stay late at school so when I got home Jon and I just took Patches for a walk at the off leash park.

Thursday – 5 mile run
I split this run with 2 miles in the morning and 3 miles after work. It was breezy but sunny and I tried out my new running hat:


After dinner I took my bike out for a quick ride because it was just too nice not to. Between the new hand position, the clip in peddles and the fact that I didn’t remember how to work the gear shifter I was too scared to ride very far (or down any hills). I did two laps around my neighbourhood and then called it a night. It is certainly going to take a few rides before I feel comfortable on my bike!


Friday – rest
We went for a picnic and walk.

Saturday – 7 mile run
I was out of the house by 8 am which is early for me on a weekend! I was hoping to beat the wind and I mostly succeeded. It was my first long run with my new shoes and I was happy with how they felt. My long runs have been inconsistent for a while now so it was good to run for longer than an hour. I really wanted to take my bike out but it was so windy in the afternoon that we puttered in the yard instead.

Sunday – swim drills
We worked on our free style technique and I had one successful flip turn! My legs were tired from the run on Saturday but my mind was too busy thinking about my stroke to really notice it until we were done.

Weekly totals: 20 miles ran, 2 swim workouts, 2 weight sessions, 1 very short bike ride


I already know that this week is busier with meetings so hopefully I will still make time for my running and swimming. I’d love to get out on my bike again too.

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